Conscious Fashion Brand AMMARZO Makes Its Way Through E-commerce


Ammarzo is a holistic fashion brand based in India brought by an Indian Women which aims solely to offer conscious fashion with homegrown sustainable fabrics.

Our products are thoughtfully designed for Indian Women. Ammarzo believes in many social endeavors of basic human and animal rights.

We believe spreading knowledge helps the needy, and educating children. The brand with a social cause is also a contributor to equal rights of Transgender “LGBTQ Community” as well as the abolishment of animal cruelty. 

We firmly believe in #saynotonoleather, # green planet, #womenempowerment. Ammarzo stands for the legacy which girls rule.

It’s a legacy passed on by mothers to their daughters which they can pass on to their daughters, something like Fashion!! Breaking the whole stereotype of Male Dominant Society.

We promise you each purchase at Ammarzo will help you benefit the needy since we offer our 5% of earnings to the Ammarzo Foundation, which supports educating children, justice for animals and helping the needy. 

Our CEO & Founder of the Brand Chahatt Khanna stands for Ammarzo girl who is a bold, independent and elegant #coconut girl.

She has bred the brand in 2017 as a single mother naming the brand on both her daughters. She has the vision to take this Indian Brand to International Market #vocalfor local. 


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Sustainable Fabric
Price Point
Eco-friendly Fashion
Adding up to the Society
Conscious Fashion 

Available at our website:
Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and all E-commerce Portals.
Ideating to launch at International Players like Zalando, Asos, Zalora, Namshi and Noon.