Corporate gifting in the digital age: Blending tradition with technology

Gift Box Idea

By Karan Sehdev, Founder of Merch Matters: Rewarding has been a common practice in the corporate fraternity in which many organizations have considered gifts and incentive products as a tool for conveying corporate images or messages.

This involves a company presenting a gift to another client or employees, partners, or stakeholders for reasons of being valued, to show appreciation, or to encourage a business relationship. Earlier corporate gifts were traditionally done with pens, calendars, desktop accessories, or gourmet food basket gifts.

This was usually approximately the kind of gifts which were mostly discovered bearing the company logo and it was regarded as good publicity for the company to arouse goodwill. These were also employed in cultivating ‘image’ or ‘brand image’ that is a favorable image of the company.

Since it affects employee morale and motivation it has an impact on employee’s performance as well. Employees who bring gifts to work, should be encouraged and be complimented, as this would make them more enthusiastic, committed, and constructive in their work.

It may help boost the emotions of being part of a group or a team and make them feel, the company appreciates them. The aspects such as, how the care was shown, how the care was personalized, and importantly, how the care was delivered genuinely go a long way in deciding such an essence.

This trend of corporate gifting has therefore adapted itself to incorporate both traditions and the technological advances of the present day.

Even though gift-giving is linked back to the early days of trade and barter, this custom has evolved to include a complex and diverse set of reasons why business gift-giving is indispensable, also the introduction of new trends of gift-giving with technologies enhances the novelty and increases the possibilities of gift giving.

The following article reveals how one can design unique corporate gift ideas:

1. Personalization:

Nowadays customization is quite important. Information obtained through technology can allow businesses to know their clients and employees, thus giving them gifts that matter. Personalization provides a personal touch to corporate gifting ranging from customizing messages and engraved items to personalized gift suggestions based on individual preferences.

2. Technological Gift Ideas:

Technology has made it possible for people to give out gifts that stand out with a purpose at the same time. There are many options ranging from wearable technology, smart gadgets, and virtual reality among others which will make your employees happy. These techie presents not only define the modern approach of the company but also offer solutions that are useful and enjoyable in this digital era.

3. The Digital Gift Cards:

The contemporary gift card has been popularized over the past years. Moreover, they still have some advantages such as being flexible and practical because the recipient can choose their preferred products or services after receiving them. With just a few clicks, corporations can send digital gift cards via email or mobile apps resulting in a smooth process flow. Additionally, this idea is modern ensuring that its recipients get maximum benefits from it before another way is discovered by others

4. Using Social Media:

Corporate gifting and social media are the best way to go as they can provide a more fulfilling experience. This will keep the recipient firms engaged in gifting and create their narratives for giving or greeting. Moreover, it fosters gratitude by letting the world know that the company appreciates its clients and encouraging positive thinking among many people. It also helps companies to interact with their customers and other stakeholders easily unlike just participating in gift exchanges.

5. Blending Tradition with Technology:

Traditional presents should not be ignored. However, classic pieces like personalized stationery still make an impression on those who receive them, whether they are elegant pens or gourmet food baskets. By incorporating conventional and techie gifts into their content strategies, organizations can opt for more variety and come up with different perspectives.

The custom of corporate gifting has been effective in nurturing relationships, creating brand awareness, and building a sense of enthusiasm. When companies choose sentimental yet meaningful gifts they can make a positive lasting impact on recipients.

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