Cossouq in Conversation with Beauty Entrepreneurs: Sunny Leone, Sonal Jain & Sheil Jain

Sheil Jain

Through an inspiring chat show that commenced on the occasion of International Women’s Day featuring Sunny Leone (Starstruck by SL), Sonal Jain (Boondh), and Sheil Jain (Gush Beauty), the online beauty marketplace is bringing brand founders together to discuss the competitive market, and challenges as entrepreneurs.

14th March 2023, Mumbai: Cossouq, a sensibly-curated beauty and skincare marketplace, discussed myths and stereotypes associated with female leadership through their Women Entrepreneur’s Chat Show for International Women’s Day.

Team Cossouq interviewed three inspiring women entrepreneurs of India, starting with Sonal Jain, founder of ‘Boondh’- a social enterprise for women’s health and hygiene.

Followed by Sheil Jain, founder of ‘Gush Beauty’, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand. The concluding interview was with the renowned celebrity Sunny Leone, founder of ‘Starstruck’- a PETA-certified cosmetics brand.

The key takeaways from the chat show were to take bold steps while pursuing your passion and to avoid falling prey to the remarks of people who you hold back.

Sonal Jain mentioned in the interview that her aim is to establish a world where every menstruator has access to quality healthcare products.

She also pointed out how menstruation is not only a biological process but is equally wrapped under social and emotional phases.

To summarise, she advised everyone to choose a profession that is a sum of multiple things that interests them and not make one aspect of it your entire world.

Sheil Jain, on the other hand, discussed the impact of technology on the beauty industry, asserting that game changers such as e-commerce and technology are now empowering the entire market.

She believes that for any entrepreneur, regardless of gender, their brand is their child, acting as an extension of their identity. In such cases, she advises drawing a border between the two.

For the closing session, renowned Bollywood actress, model, and now entrepreneur Sunny Leone sheds light on the practical aspect of business in modern times.

She believes that today businesses are more about money, and people tend to care less about an individual’s gender.

Adding to it, she says that people are keen to enjoy quality products as much as the brand enjoys making them.

When discussing global beauty standards and biases, she mentioned that beauty and makeup are no longer only for women; the goal is to make one feel beautiful.

Meet Jatakia, Director of Branding & Marketing at Cossouq, said, “With their business acumen, women of today know how to bring splendor to the brands they lead.

However, there are numerous challenges that female entrepreneurs face but are overlooked. The reason for inviting these three entrepreneurs, who run different-sized businesses, was to provide a broader perspective of the beauty and cosmetic industry.

In the new chat show, our guest entrepreneurs shared insights about their journey to inspire others to follow their passion with an intent.”

About Cossouq: Established by the Founder & CEO, Parth Patel, Cossouq is an online marketplace that stands for new-age inclusivity, challenging irrational & unrealistic beauty standards.

Housing 450+ brands from the cosmetics, skin, hair, health, & personal care industries, with 14000+ products, work towards making them accessible country-wide.

Hosting top brands like Lakme, Neutrogena, Minimalist, Inglot, FacesCanada, and Vega, among other famous labels, Cossouq features a mix of brands catering to new-age beauty and skincare needs.

With an inclusive approach to people of all ages, colors, gender, mindsets, or body types, customers are offered a pool of quality products at great prices & authentic brands get to reach a wider audience.

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