Côte d’Azur implanted company Pradeep launches personalized concierge services

Pradeep launches personalized concierge services

Côte d’Azur luxury villas renting company, Pradeep launches personalized concierge services

CANNES, FRANCE – June 1, 2022 – Pradeep, a luxury villas renting company announced the launch of its concierge services in France.

Located in the heart of Var region, Pradeep’s new dedicated team will provide individualized concierge services to clients in Côte d’Azur but also around Europe.

“We are excited to launch our large range of services that is complementing our initial delivery that is the luxury rental” said Pradeep CEO & Founder Mohit Shrotriya. “Our team of experienced concierges is passionate about making each client’s visit to France unforgettable.”

Pradeep offers a wide range of concierge services, including restaurant reservations, transportation arrangements, event planning, and more.

For Côte d’Azur and its UHNWI (Ultra High Net Individuals), Pradeep provides its specialty services such as Charter Private Jet, Yacht rental, hire Luxury car, Private transfer/limousine service, Events, VIP club, and restaurants booking, Personal Security/Bodyguards, Luxury Villa services, and luxury hotel booking.

About The Pradeep:

The company was founded by two young entrepreneurs, one French and the other Indian. Pradeep offers the best holiday renting villas from Monaco to Marseille with beautiful cities like Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Eze and so on.

Mohit Shrotriya - Alexandre Planchez - thepradeep Co-Founder
Mohit Shrotriya – Alexandre Planchez – thepradeep Co-Founder. Photographer @Clément Desforges

The company is expending and is now also present in Spain in Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera and Marbella. Each villa is selected according high standards such as size, furniture, swimming pool, location etc.

The company wants to be a pioneer in responsible luxury tourism by aiming being carbon neutral by 2025.

The idea is to offer the best level of service while estimating their carbon impact in order to reinvest part of the profits in carbon capture projects.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit https://www.thepradeep.com or call + 33 (0) 9511 023 49.

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Pradeep was founded with the vision of sustainability by two young entrepreneurs in the Covid-19 pandemic when the sailing enterprise was pretended. The team renders various incentive services like private chefs, valet, on-demand customized villa or yacht, or luxury car.

France again home to luxury brands, explore Europe luxury travel with “Pradeep”

Pradeep offers the high-end luxury properties in France & other top travel destination in Europe. To deliver high level of premium service, Pradeep has also diversified their portfolio to offer luxury service like yachts, private jets and cars from the range of Renault Twingo to McLaren 720 S.

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