Covid-19: India lockdown from 12 noon to 21 days to fight the corona virus

Covid-19 - Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a lockdown pan India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enforced lockdown pan India to fight the coronavirus from 12 am tonight to 21 days. He announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown that is three weeks.

He emphasized on staying at one’s house only and social distancing. He has asked to stay indoors. The entire country will be lockdown from 12 o’clock tonight.

Narendra Modi gave examples of countries like America, France, China, and Italy that are fighting with the disease with real difficulties.

Prime Minister Modi said, “To save the country, there is a complete ban on getting out of the houses. He appealing to the people of the country to understand the severity of coronavirus and stay indoors.

PM Modi said,” every district, every state of the country, Every town, every union territory, every village is now being lockdown. The entire lockdown is going to happen across the country from 12 o’clock tonight he added.

“I pray to you that wherever you are in the country at this time, stay there. This lockdown will be 21 days in the nation. Due to coronavirus, India will have to bear the economic cost of this lockdown.

PM Modi said that if the corona is to stop spreading, then the cycle of infection has to be broken, there is no other way to avoid corona. The coming 21 days are very important to us. According to health experts, a minimum 21 days’ time is crucial to break the cycle of coronavirus infection.

“With Janata curfew, our country has shown how all Indians come together and fight against it when there is a crisis in the nation. Modi said that we have to break the chain of coronavirus outbreak.

The Prime Minister said that the conclusions are drawn from the two-month study of all countries, and experts are also saying that the only option for effective combat against Corona is – social distance. He said nationwide lockdown has drawn a Lakshman Rekha at the door of your house.

Modi said that some people are in the misconception that creating social distance is necessary only for sick people. It is not right to think. He said, The negligence of some people, the wrong thinking of some people, will put you, your parents, your children, your friends, your family the whole country in a very difficult situation.

He said that there is no other way to avoid Corona. If the corona is to stop spreading, it will have to break the cycle of infection. The Prime Minister said that social distance is for every citizen, for every family, for every member of the family.

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PM Modi said that you are also seeing how this epidemic has completely destroyed even the most capable countries of the world. Modi said that you are also listening to and watching the situation of the whole world on the Corona global epidemic through the news.