Daanpatra has provided help to more than 15 lakh needy families in the last four years


Unique use of technology from Indore’s startup “Daanpatra”, making old household items usable, this team of youth has reached out help to lakhs of destitute families so far.

As well as The institution “Daanpatra” has been awarded the Certificate of Commitment for Social Work by the “World Book of Records”. Daanpatra got 2 times its name in the india book if records also.

What is “Daanpatra” and how did it start?

“Daanpatra” is an online free platform, with the help of which unused items like clothes, toys, books, shoes, utensils, electronic items, furniture and other items are collected and delivered to needy families by making them usable.

This platform was started on 10th March 2018, due to which help has been provided to approximately 15 lakh needy families by doing service work and more than 1.5 lakh Indore residents have joined this platform, more than 7 thousand volunteers have joined this platform.

Those who cooperate by giving their time ,People from Indore as well as abroad are donating goods because of the transparency of the organization. 

Through “Daanpatra” any person can donate goods sitting at home on just a phone call or by making a request in the “Daanpatra” app .

On receiving the request, the members of the team go home and collect the goods and then it is recycled and sent to the needy families.

Along with this, his photo, video is uploaded by visiting the social media pages of “Daanpatra” so that whoever has donated the goods can see to which needy family his goods has reached.


The “daanpatra” is helping both by becoming a bridge between the giver and the taker, thereby saving the unused items in the homes from throw away and helping them by reaching them to the needy families.

Due to which many positive changes are coming in the society.The members of the organization helped by providing ration kits and other essential items to more than 50 thousand needy families during the Corona period .

The volunteers associated with the team say that it is very important for us that if we are taking something from the society, then what are we returning it in return.

And by getting such a platform, it has become very easy to reach help to the actual needy person and we all must join this initiative and come forward to help.

On the occasion of Independence Day and with the aim of providing help to the families affected by the corona epidemic, more than 5 thousand volunteers of the organization “Daanpatra” recently reached the families living in slums at different places in Indore and its surroundings in 1 day.

About 1.5 lakh needy families were helped by providing clothes, rations, toys, books, shoes and other household items.

You can also join “Daanpatra “

You can also join the organization by donating your unused items or becoming a volunteer.
For this you can contact the helpline number 6263362660 ,7828383066″. Mission 251k recently completed on the occasion of Diwali by “Daanpatra” team

On the occasion of Diwali and with the aim of providing help to the families affected by the corona epidemic, more than 5 thousand volunteers of the organization helped by delivering essential items to about 2.5 lakh needy families in a single day . For this, the name of “Daanpatra” has been recorded in the Exclusive world record.

The organization is recently running in 7 different cities like jabalpur , mathura , ujjain , bhopal , surat , bihar , gandhwani and many more . Soon daanpatra will provide it’s services in whole India.

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