Debendra Prasad, Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of AssureShift: Digitizing Shifting Services

Debendra Prasad
Debendra Prasad: Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of AssureShift

If you find everything on the internet then why not your shifting services?” – thought Debendra Prasad. 

Debendra Prasad, CEO & Co-founder of AssureShift, a Web Developer, Indian Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, and a successful businessman now, pondered on streamlining the shifting services to make it easy and affordable for people.

It was in 2014, when Debendra traveled to Bangalore to try his luck as a Web Developer and designer and met Juby John which eventually lead to the birth of AssureShift.

Initially, Debendra & Juby worked together for a few relocation companies which gave them clarity about the loopholes that lie in the chain of shifting and packing-moving services. It was then, the idea of creating a packers movers referral website conceived. 

The experience with the office relocation had given enough idea to Debendra that on what grounds the public is being exploited by the moving companies.

With solutions comes different other aspects for the problems so do the challenges as well.

As the moving companies misused the opportunity of making money through people like suddenly increasing the shifting service rates, or mishandling the valuables of people, delayed goods delivery, etc.

John, a true and optimistic friend joined hands with Debendra to bring in a revolution in the shifting industry. Hence, AssureShift, a packers movers referral website was born. 

In 2016, without any delay, both John and Debendra started closely knitting their network of packers and movers in Bangalore.

In 2017, the operation of AssureShift commenced. After all the hardship that Debendra and Juby John did, had to show its colours!

The response was amazing. However, you never stop evolving until you reach the top. Debendra, never stopped working with the website, he always aimed in making it user-friendly and user-oriented.

He always played around with advanced software by adding new features to the website.

Using the AssureShift website was made easy on hours of dedicated hard work by Debendra whereas on the other end Juby was busy collecting and adding packers and movers into the family. 

Partnering with the Packers and Movers in a city like Bangalore was definitely not a cakewalk; traveling to the offices of the moving companies, verifying their genuineness and legal documents did tire Juby. But as we say, “Don’t stop until you touch the sky!”, Juby kept going. 

Juby & Debendra both ensured that they address the major issues of moving industry like providing genuine packers and movers, take care if the movers are economical or not, how they have been serving the market since they joined, etc.

A strong customer support team was based in Bangalore to guarantee proper services to the customer throughout their relocation.

AssureShift started with Bangalore and within three months they expanded their services in most of the metro cities in India like Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Now in 2021, AssureShift proudly serves 21 cities in India along with a network of around 600-700 moving companies associated with them.

Not only they added so many companies to the family, but also the advanced feature of form fill-up and the listing of the companies also played its spell.

Debendra and Juby gave an open-access to the public to collect data of the “AS verified” moving companies from the website. Their love for customers and the urge of helping them have continued to date through the support of their dedicated team.

AssureShift is not only limited to moving and packing industry but rather they also help in connecting needy people with those who are ready to lend a helping hand.

Juby & Debendra are associated with various organizations across the country to bridge the gap between the givers and  the underprivileged.  

However, after all the success, Debendra and Juby still continue to be grounded enough and do not forget to thank their team who have been working untiringly with them in making it possible.

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AssureShift family intends to reach out each and every smallest part of India to provide convenient shifting services to the public.