Interview with Deepak Aravind, CEO & Co-Founder of Creative Monkey Games

Deepak Aravind

An exclusive interview with Deepak Aravind, CEO & Co-Founder of Creative Monkey Games

Deepak Aravind is the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Creative Monkey Games. His passion for technology coupled with his creative vision make him one of the most sought-after names in the domain of gaming technology.

As a computer science graduate, Deepak thoroughly understands the nuances of technology and demonstrated his exceptional competence by winning many laurels including an award for developing 3D software for hearing-impaired persons during his college days. 

In his professional stint, Deepak worked with top multinational companies and honed his technical skills in the software development field. He achieved distinctive competence in developing Android apps and made immense contributions to the ecosystem of App development on the Android platform.

Deepak’s passion for gaming led him to join a gaming startup in the role of Lead Game Developer where he achieved mastery in designing games, developing interfaces, and delivering superior experiences to players across the globe.

Equipped with both technical and creative abilities, Deepak started his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Creative Monkey Games in 2015 with Kavitha as co-founder. Since its inception, Creative Monkey Games is soaring to new heights of popularity thanks to the dynamic vision and unwavering commitment of its founding team that continue to strive for delivering the best gaming experience to global audiences.

Could you tell us about the company’s inception and the inspiration behind starting Creative Monkey Games?

Deepak Aravind: Creative Monkey Games was founded in 2015 by Deepak Aravind and Kavitha with a clear vision of revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry. Deepak Aravind, the co-founder, and CEO, brought a unique blend of technical prowess and creative vision to the table.

His passion for technology and gaming, combined with his experience as a computer science engineer and passionate game developer, fuelled the inception of Creative Monkey Games.

The company aimed to address the lack of creativity and innovation in the mobile gaming segment and provide players with immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

The mobile gaming industry is highly competitive. What strategies have you implemented to make Creative Monkey Games stand out and succeed in such a challenging market?

Deepak Aravind: Creative Monkey Games has successfully differentiated itself by combining cutting-edge technology, immersive graphics, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Our emphasis on developing captivating cricket-themed games, such as World Cricket Battle 2, Board Emperor: Clash of Kings and Cricket Gangsta™, has resonated with our target audience.

By pioneering features like dynamic My Career mode, rain interruptions, and multiplayer capabilities, we provide unique and engaging experiences. Additionally, our strategic collaborations, including eSports tournaments and partnerships with brands, have helped us carve a distinct niche in the market.

Creative Monkey Games has released a diverse portfolio of games. What factors do you consider when deciding which game concepts to pursue, and how do you ensure each game resonates with its target audience?

Deepak Aravind: Our game concepts are driven by a deep understanding of player preferences, market trends, and technological advancements. We prioritize immersive gameplay and innovative features to captivate players.

Our cricket-focused titles, in particular, leverage the passion for the sport in our target market. Extensive market research and player feedback inform our decisions, ensuring that each game resonates with its intended audience.

By staying attuned to player preferences and continually refining our offerings, we ensure that our games remain engaging and enjoyable.

In the ever-evolving world of technology and gaming, how do you keep up with the latest trends and innovations to ensure your games remain relevant and engaging to players?

Deepak Aravind: At Creative Monkey Games, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is a priority. We actively monitor industry trends, attend gaming conferences, and collaborate with technology partners to leverage emerging trends and technologies like AI,

AR/VR and Blockchain. This proactive approach enables us to integrate new features and mechanics that enhance gameplay and keep players engaged. Regular updates, incorporating player feedback, also contribute to the ongoing relevance and appeal of our games in the dynamic gaming landscape.

What are the most significant challenges you face in the gaming industry, and how do you navigate through them to maintain steady growth and profitability?

Deepak Aravind: The gaming industry’s rapid evolution presents challenges in terms of staying ahead of player expectations, fierce competition, and technological shifts. To navigate these challenges, we focus on continuous innovation, pushing boundaries in gameplay and graphics.

Our emphasis on quality, combined with strategic partnerships, allows us to stand out in a crowded market. Moreover, our commitment to fostering a loyal player community, listening to feedback, and adapting our offerings accordingly ensures sustained growth and profitability.

Creative Monkey Games has garnered a considerable player base globally. How do you approach localization and cultural adaptation to ensure your games appeal to different regions and demographics?

Deepak Aravind: We recognize the importance of localization in catering to diverse player preferences and cultural nuances. Our games undergo meticulous localization processes, including adapting content, graphics, and gameplay mechanics to resonate with different regions and demographics.

By incorporating regional elements, languages, and cultural references, we ensure that players across the globe feel a strong connection to our games, fostering a deeper engagement and broader appeal.

Monetization models in mobile gaming vary greatly. Could you shed some light on the revenue generation strategies you employ while ensuring a positive user experience for players?

Deepak Aravind: Our revenue generation strategies are rooted in striking a balance between monetization and player experience. We employ a hybrid model that includes in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertisements.

We prioritize player satisfaction by offering meaningful in-game purchases, rewarding gameplay achievements, and enhancing user experience. Advertisements are non-intrusive and offer opt-in benefits to players.

By prioritizing player enjoyment and value, we ensure that our monetization strategies enhance, rather than detract from, the overall gaming experience.

With the rise of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, what role do you see these innovations playing in the future of mobile gaming, and does Creative Monkey Games have any plans in these domains?

Deepak Aravind: The emergence of AR and VR technologies presents transformative opportunities for mobile gaming. These innovations have the potential to elevate immersion, interactivity, and gameplay experiences. While we currently focus on delivering immersive experiences through our existing games, we are also exploring the integration of AR and VR into our

future offerings. As these technologies continue to evolve, we envision leveraging them to create even more captivating and engaging gaming experiences for our players.

What advice would you give to those who wish to pursue a career in the gaming industry and potentially start their own game development ventures?

Deepak Aravind: Pursuing a gaming career demands passion, dedication, and a thirst for learning. Aspiring developers should master programming, design, and graphics; stay updated on trends and tech; collaborate seamlessly; embrace iteration and user feedback; showcase a diverse portfolio; network at events and online; exhibit resilience in the face of challenges.

Starting a game venture requires a solid plan, clear vision, market understanding, innovation, player focus, and community building to thrive in the competitive gaming landscape.

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