Meet the 50-year-old woman who is running a garments factory with her children

Deepti Makharia - Demukhee Textiles

I only believe in doing my bit and moving on. I am not too worried about how things are going to pan out,” she says

By Disha Roy Choudhury: At 52, Delhi-based Deepti Makharia has taken the reins of her family business after the unfortunate demise of her husband in the pandemic.

The Apeejay Panchsheel Park alumna, who resumed her professional career after nearly two decades, has not given up and is bravely coping with every challenge that comes her way. Her motto is to live each day as it comes. Read about her inspirational journey:

You are running a factory now. Please tell us more about that.

Deepti Makharia: After college, I got married and devoted my time to looking after my children and family. When my daughter was 18, I took up work again—I began working part-time at my husband’s garment factory. Unfortunately, he succumbed to Covid, so I had to take complete charge of the business last year.

The company is called Demukhee Textiles, based in Delhi. My husband was an exporter. But during Covid, we had to shut down the factory as my husband had passed away.

Last year, I got back to manufacturing again. Of late, we have been making uniforms for hospitals like Apollo Cradle, Fortis, etc. I am looking forward to expanding my business and grabbing every opportunity that comes our way.

How difficult was it in the initial phase of work? How did you overcome challenges?

Deepti Makharia: I am still in the early stages only and I am learning every day. Of course, there are challenges, but I have learned to confront them head-on.

I used to be quite hyper earlier but after my husband’s demise, I have realised not everything is in my control—what has to happen will happen. I only believe in doing my bit and moving on. I am not too worried about how things are going to pan out.

Of course, there are people to support and guide me. Despite that, you have to be on your toes and supervise everything.

But since I was doing it even when my husband was around, I am not facing too much difficulty on that front. I am following in my husband’s and my father-in-law’s footsteps.

How are your children supporting you in your journey?

Deepti Makharia: My daughter, who is a graphic designer, helps with the designing bit. My son, who completed his graduation recently, is overseeing the production.

As a woman starting her journey afresh, your story is inspirational. What message do you have for other women?

Deepti Makharia: I believe in living a balanced life between your personal and professional commitments. I don’t think women should give up on their professional life even when there are family responsibilities, and that is what I tell my daughter too.

The way a woman can balance duties, nobody else can. I tell my son too that he should not expect his future partner to do everything rather there should be an adequate division of labour.

Does it get difficult to manage parental duties and professional commitments?

Deepti Makharia:I have had a very comfortable life so I never really had to bother about the little things; my husband would take care of that.

But now things have changed. Yes, it does get difficult sometimes but at the same time, I have learned to not stress too much. I take each day as it comes and that is what keeps me going.

What memories do you have of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park?

Deepti Makharia: I joined Apeejay in 83 in class 8. My memories from school are infinite! Every day spent at school is a memory and I cherish those days.

Most importantly, I made very good friends at Apeejay, many of whom I am still in touch with. We used to be quite mischievous (laughs)! I visited the school in 2013 after nearly 25 years for a gala alumni reunion.

I was part of the organising committee. We met all the teachers and the non-teaching staff, including those who had retired. It was a wonderful experience.


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