Bharatpe’s Lawsuit Against Ashneer Grover: Delhi High Court Asks Ex-Shark Tank India Judge To Remain Humble

Bharatpay Ashneer Grover

Bharatpe’s Lawsuit Against Ashneer Grover: Delhi High Court Asks Ex-Shark Tank India Judge To Remain Humble

January 11, 2023: New Delhi: Ashneer Grover, the ousted co-founder of BharatPe, who recently called CEO Suhail Sameer “Nalla” after he resigned, has been told to be humble by the Delhi High Court.

The court was hearing the fintech’s lawsuit against Grover on Monday, when it advised the latter to maintain decorum.

“Social media has really brought us down to this level. What are we doing here? Basically, it should be courtesy to each other…

You’re out, fight your case,” Court remarked, adding that Grover should remain humble. Even after his falling out with the company.

Justice Naveen Chawla made the remarks while hearing the suit against BharatPe’s former MD and co-founder Grover and his family members, asking them to refrain from making allegedly defamatory statements and asking counsel for the parties to “advise” their respective clients accordingly. .

BharatPe case against Ashneer Grover

The court was hearing a civil suit filed by BharatPe on December 8 seeking damages of Rs 88 crore and an order restraining the company’s ousted co-founder Grover and others from making defamatory statements.

While a senior lawyer for the plaintiff company alleged that Grover continued to make objectionable statements even as the case was pending, the latter’s lawyer said there was “slander and imputation and defamation from both sides” and the other side claimed that he had leaked information. media

“Please advise him (Ashneer Grover). If anything, you also tell Mr. (Rajeev) Nair (appearing for Bharatpe) that his client has done this. He will also advise him,” the high court told Grover’s counsel.

The former Shark Tank India judge’s lawyer added that he has filed a petition to refer the matter to arbitration, claiming that the company would not have filed the alleged defamation suit to support the cause of its executives when he had always praised them. Company

On the other hand, BharatPe’s senior counsel noted that the matter would be “tested in court” and that Grover should exercise restraint.

Bharatpe’s counsel also presented a book written by Grover, which was released after the court’s last order. The lawyer read a paragraph from the epilogue and pointed out that Grover was comparing his profession (law) to prostitution. Grover’s lawyer said he would speak to his client and advise him.

Ashneer Grover, the defendants get more time

The high court has given Grover and other defendants more time to file their response in the matter and asked plaintiff Bharatpe to consider forming a “privacy club” to allow access to certain materials. “Keep the privacy club and show it to him. He’ll see,” Court said.

The fintech unicorn is seeking damages from 40-year-old Grover and family including claims for payments against invoices from non-existent vendors, totaling Rs. 71.7 crore; For reputational damage caused by Ashneer Grover’s tweets and other statements to the company Rs. 7.6 crore amount and Rs. 5 crore paid to vendors in return for offering recruitment services.

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