Interview: Deva Biradar – Founder and CEO of Liaison Bank

Deva Biradar

An exclusive interview with Deva Biradar – Founder and CEO of Liaison Bank

We are delighted to welcome Deva Biradar, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Liaison Bank, for an insightful interview. With a visionary approach to banking and a commitment to customer-centric solutions, Mr. Biradar has been at the forefront of transforming financial services.

Join us as we explore his journey, the challenges he has faced, and his innovative strategies that are shaping the future of banking.

Liaison Bank offers a comprehensive range of services, from licensing and auditing to supply, installation, and certification across various domains. What motivated you to establish Liaison Bank with such a diverse set of offerings?

Deva Biradar: Understanding the customers’ pain areas, I made solutions. When I became a liaisoning consultant, for the supporting documents the customer had to contact multiple vendors and the vendor coordination was very time consuming.

So, I thought will the client focus on their business, plans for their business or will he coordinate with the vendors. So why not I take on those pain areas and why not I also take those charges. So, the customer got a one stop solution, and I got multiple services.

Providing a one-stop solution for licensing and auditing needs requires expertise in various fields. How does Liaison Bank ensure high-quality service delivery across all the services it offers?

Deva Biradar: If we gain knowledge in the terms of sourcing, from our different sourcing, if we source bylaws and after sourcing bylaws, we get different experts of each field (graduation completed architects, engineer etc.) we explain them circulation wise and we can have them complete the work, by which why we can gain such quality work.

Can you walk us through the process Liaison Bank follows when providing services like liaising, firefighting system installation, or electrical system certification?

Deva Biradar: We audit the site and make the site feasibility report. Then we don’t directly make the clients install equipment but rather we analyze the equipment needed for them and give them a system generated report and advise them accordingly to install the equipment.

Example if we go in accounting systems, tally will give u the balance sheet and u just input the data, no one does the balance sheet manually they just input the data, and similarly we do work for firefighting systems, electric audit reports, electric installation supply and testing. All these prepare using the system.

Liaison Bank’s services encompass a wide array of industries and sectors. How do you stay updated with the latest regulations and standards across these different domains?

Deva Biradar: The resources details cannot be shared on this platform but for every department, every subject we kept systems for resources. And any new regulations, norms, circulars and rules passed by the mantralaya or government reaches us within 24 hours.

Collaboration and partnerships can be crucial in providing comprehensive services. How does Liaison Bank collaborate with other organizations to enhance its service offerings?

Deva Biradar: The most important thing is transparency, transparency in collaboration for everything and your knowledge should be discussed transparently so the client feels you are trustworthy, and collaboration will be smoother.

Looking ahead, what are Liaison Bank’s plans for expansion or diversification of services in the near future?

Deva Biradar: We are looking into Bangalore and Hyderabad, 4 branches in each and 10 branches in Mumbai.

Thank you, Mr. Biradar, for sharing your inspiring journey and profound insights. Your innovative leadership at Liaison Bank is truly paving the way for the future of financial services.

We look forward to seeing how your continued efforts and visionary approach will further revolutionize the banking industry.

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