Did you know by eating right, you could maintain the glow of your skin? Dr. Geetika Goel, Consultant, Clinic Dermatech

Why Is Healthy Food So Expensive

Did you know by eating right, you could maintain the glow of your skin?

Most people opt for cosmetic treatments, regular facials, and various other skin treatments to attain healthy skin.

But also paying attention to what you eat adds up to skin health. However, eating right for your skin is as important as for your body. Let us look at some of the superfoods that help your skin.


It is an Indian spice, a superfood for the skin. It contains antioxidants and inflammatory components that purify the blood and reduce acne, blemishes, pigmentation, and inflammation. Consider adding it as a spice to your cooked food, or even better, drink turmeric milk at night.



Saffron is another commonly used spice in India, which provides a youthful glow to the skin. Saffron has skin-lightening properties and fights pigmentation, dark spots, and skin blemishes. Adding saffron to your diet can help improve the texture of your skin.


Also known as the “queen of Herbs,” this holy basil contains antiseptic and natural astringent properties.

It helps refresh your skin, tightens skin pores, removes skin impurities, and keeps you away from skin allergies and infections. Consider adding tulsi leaves to your diet as tea or chewing a few leaves daily.

Colorful fruits

Fruits are an excellent and readily available source of antioxidants and vitamins and should be a part of everyone’s diet.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, guavas, etc., are excellent sources of vitamin C and antioxidants and increase the production of White Blood Cells which helps to fight infections.

Other fruits like pomegranate, papaya, avocados, berries, and mangoes, are also rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and pantothenic acid and contain skin-lightening properties.


It is a water-based superfood that provides intense skin hydration, offers a cooling effect on the skin, and makes it moist and firm.

It also helps fight acne, promotes scar healing, improves your skin tone and tightens the skin, and repairs damaged skin cells. Consider adding it to your diet as cucumber raita, salad, or juice.

Vitamin A and C

Vitamins A and C are known for providing anti-aging properties and also contain antioxidants that help reduce sun damage. Consider adding carrots, tomatoes, spinach, kale, sweet potato, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, bell pepper, mustard greens, beetroot, etc.


It contains anti-bacterial and blood-purifying properties that help improve acne and blemishes. Consider chewing a few neem leaves every morning to improve your blood purification.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and it fights redness and acne and makes your skin less sensitive to harmful UV rays.

Fatty fish is also a great source of Vitamin E that protects your skin from inflammation. Protein in seafood is responsible for maintaining the strength and integrity of your skin.

Consider adding Salmon, Mackerel, and Herring to maintain the skin’s suppleness and keep it moisturized.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds are among the most amazing superfoods for your skin as they are also rich in essential fatty acids.

Nuts and seeds can be a blessing for vegetarians or anyone who doesn’t eat fish. Adding them to your diet can help make your skin smooth and glowing. Almonds are a great source of vitamins A and E, which nourish and improve overall complexion.

Herbal tea

Tulsi tea, Jasmine tea, Green tea, Chamomile tea, Matcha tea, White tea, Lemon tea, Rose tea, Spearmint Tea, Horsetail tea, Ginger tea, and Peppermint tea are all fantastic for your skin.

Along with promoting calmness to your mind, they also help prevent premature aging, add luster to dull skin, and reduce pigmentation and dark spots.

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