Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Have you wondered about the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Then you are on the right track. Here are the lists.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are parts of computer science. Consequently, they are associated with each other.

Moreover, in this technologically advanced world, these two technologies are trending and used for inventing automated systems.

In this article, we are going to discuss the definition and difference between artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The phrase “Artificial Intelligence” is made up of two words. One is “artificial,” and another is “intelligence.”

Artificial means are made by humans. So basically, non-natural things are called artificial. On the other hand, the word “Intelligence” means the ability to understand, which means capable enough to think about something.

Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human Intelligence, which functions by computerized machines.

A few applications of AI include NLP(natural language processing), speech recognition, machine vision, and other simulated versions of human Intelligence.

Meaning of artificial Intelligence

Almost everyone has the misconception that “AI” is a system, but it is not a fact. Instead, AI is the technology, and by implementing this technology in the system, many automation applications can be invented.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is part of AI. It is the operation of using the data of mathematical models. Machine learning uses a huge amount of organized and semi-organized data so that it can develop accurate results. Or be able to give predicted results based on the past virtual facts of users. 

It works only for specific sectors. For example: if you are searching for dog images, it will show you dog-related information in the future and pictures as well.

On the other hand, if you are searching for your favorite brand, then automatically, you can see the advertisements of your preferred brand on social media or websites.

What is The Difference Between AI And Machine Learning?

Below we have mentioned some of the major differences between AI and Machine Learning. Those differences are measured by their capacity and characteristics.

1) AI gains knowledge and ability and applies those to the physical world. On the other hand, machine learning can only obtain knowledge.

2) The aim of incorporating artificial Intelligence is to increase the success rate instead of accuracy.

The focus point of the machine learning application is to develop accuracy. It doesn’t care about success.

3) AI is developing an intelligent system that can perform numerous complex programs. But machine learning is the process of organizing data that can fulfill the jobs for which they have been trained.

4) AI can work as a computer program that can do advanced and smart tasks. Here, machine learning can take historical data of users and learn from those data to function in the future.

5) The objective of Artificial Intelligence is to work like the natural Intelligence of humans to solve issues that are complex. On the other hand, the goal of machine learning is to learn from past data of actual tasks and increase the function of that task.

6) AI has a massive range of applications. Almost every trending application has AI. On the other hand, machine learning has a restricted scope.

7) AI is for making decisions. But machine learning allows the device to gain knowledge from the new data.

8) Artificial Intelligence can develop systems that imitate human activities. On the other hand, machine learning can create algorithms that are self-learning.

9) AI has a wider area and includes components such as ML(machine learning) and DL(deep learning). But machine learning (ML) is a part of Artificial Intelligence.

10) AI can work with any kind of data which is gained from the physical world. It can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. But Machine learning can function only with structured and semi-structured data.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used In Daily Life

We have used AI unconsciously in our daily life. But we didn’t bother much about the use of AI in our daily lives.

1) Spam filters

The Gmail application that we use in our daily life has AI. For example, it can filter spam emails and send them to trash folders or spam folders.

In the inbox of the Gmail application, where you get to see the messages, are basically filtered messages. This popular email application has a filtration capacity of probably up to 99.9%.

2) Facial recognition

Our regular devices like laptops, PCs, and phones have facial recognition techniques. By using the face filtration method, it can easily detect and identify the users in terms of security. Apart from our personal usage of facial recognition, it is widely used in every AI application for higher security in various industries.

3) Automated vehicles

The companies of automobile manufacturers use artificial Intelligence to think and function like a human.

It can also easily identify the physical object while driving, so that is why accidents are avoided in those particular companies’ cars. For example, Audi, Tesla, and Volvo.

Applications of Machine Learning Used In Daily Life

We have commonly used machine learning in our daily life. From transportation to purchasing products, it has a wide range of usage.

1) Riding application

In riding applications, machine learning assists the company in calculating the price as per distance, computing the desired location, and fraud detection too.

2) Google’s Map

Google map has the data of locations, along with it can detect high traffic and also report to you the shortest route to reach the destination.

3) Autopilot

Nowadays, autopilots are operating flights with the help of machine learning. It is a device that automatically can steer ships, spacecraft, and aircraft also.

Last Words

In this technologically advanced world, everyone is using Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning is the subset of AI. Unfortunately, the people who aren’t aware of those technologies are using them too.

It can be said that we are using machine learning and artificial Intelligence daily basis. In this world, no one can think to proceed a single step without using these two technologies. We hope you found this article helpful.  

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