Different types of commercial cleaning services

types of commercial cleaning services

A corporate office building should be cleaned and kept clean for various reasons. Unlike private homes cleaned and dusted regularly, the offices may go through deep cleaning once every week or two weeks.

That is why the cleaning processes for commercial purposes are important for business owners. They want their workspace a charming place with a dazzling look when people enter the place.

Having a thorough clean-up regularly can ensure such an environment for the office workers where there are very few chances of catching any form of illness because of a dirty place.

Moreover, having regular cleaning of the space will ensure a healthy and safe place for the employees to be working.

A clean-up does not only mean emptying the area’s trash cans and finishing the work there. Multiple services come up when we talk about a commercial cleaning business.

These include the basic janitorial work of mopping the floor and wiping window glasses and other things. And a commercial clean-up does not just include office buildings.

But they include hotels, storehouses, and other buildings that deal with the common public. Even places like big malls and supermarkets that need cleaning come under a public property that requires commercial cleaning services

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Here are the different types of services included in the commercial cleaning:

  • General cleaning of the office – After hearing the term ‘commercial cleaning ‘, most of you will think of offices and corporate buildings. This is because that is the place people use for commercial purposes and get clients or do commercial transactions.
  • So it is an obvious guess about offices getting a commercial clean-up done for them. The cleaning process is not very different from a typical house or domestic cleaning, except it is being done on a larger scale.
  • An office building has multiple floors, office cabins, public restrooms, cafeterias, etc. So the cleaning is also performed according to that.
  • There is the usual mopping of the floor, cleaning glass windows and doors. Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and dusting things like couches, if the office has any. Every office is different, so the process will also be different.
  • Cleaning of a child’s setting – Places like day-care centers and elementary schools require a commercial cleaning done for them.
  • But since these are the places concerned with small children, the hygiene of the cleaners and the equipment and the materials used for the clean-up should be top-notch.
  • The workers should not let too many cleaning chemicals lie around or be used as young children are more sensitive to such smells than adults.
  • It should also be eco-friendly to promote a healthier and greener environment. Moreover, be careful of any form of allergies that the children may encounter to the supplies used for cleaning. This also applies to any toxic interaction.
  • Carpet cleaning and upholstery – This is the most popular form of commercial cleaning service for any sector.
  • Whether in a business or corporate sector, restaurants, hotels, and even basic stores, cleaning upholstery or cushion and couch covers is very important.
  • The same goes for the carpets. It collects dirt and dust that can spread many diseases and illnesses.
  • So it is important to get them cleaned regularly. Even though it comes under a commercial cleaning service, there are no restrictions on what clients can ask for such clean-ups.
  • It is very important to have a safe and healthy environment for any place, and the cleaning services are there to provide that.
  • Kitchen cleaning – Places specifically hotels and restaurants – or any shared kitchen place – are taking up the services offered by cleaning companies for their commercial kitchen clean-up.
  • This is a better option than using the workers themselves to clean the place because many stains and marks need special methods to be removed.
  • The cleaning workers are equipped with such things that help clean the kitchens so that the food made in the kitchen is prepared and cooked in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • This is essential and something to be kept in mind while having commercial kitchens. Hiring professionals to clean kitchens in restaurants and hotels is wise and beneficial.
  • Cleaning in the industrial sector: This applies to manufacturing houses, warehouses, and factories.
  • The commercial cleaning services provided for these places require special teams that have been trained and experienced to clean such places.
  • This is because the factories and manufacturing places are filled with heavy and dangerous machines and the product that is being manufactured.
  • That is why the cleaning has to be done with care and delicately. They have to work around the risky objects, so the supplies needed for the cleaning also have to be handled with care.
  • Cleaning of glass windows – Commonly, multi-national companies have hundreds of glass windows and doors that are required to be kept speck and span.
  • This is why a commercial cleaning service also includes special window cleaning. But it is just not limited to tall and big skyscrapers.
  • As small as a grocery shop can have their windows cleaned by a professional window cleaner. They are experts in this field of work, so they can do an excellent job keeping the windows’ glasses spotless.
  • These services are also taken by restaurants, hotels, multi-story buildings, and skyscrapers. It is a common but very important cleaning service that needs to be taken from time to time.

Besides commercial cleaning services that the cleaning companies offer, even on an individual level, keeping yourself and your surroundings clean is very important.

If it’s big spaces like hotels or office spaces, you can take help from a professional cleaning service provider. This is especially true for places like factories as well.

This is because the machinery there needs to be taken extra care of while cleaning. But your personal space should also be kept clean.

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Try making a habit of regularly cleaning your space – like during the weekend. As for big spaces that are not possible for one person to keep clean alone – or requiring special attention while cleaning – you can leave it to the professional cleaning services providers.