Understanding Different Types Of Work Gears For Different Professions

Types of Work Gears

Here is a list of 7 Types of Work Gears For Different Professions

1. Industrial work gear

Industrial work gears are basically uniforms. Some industries have different work gears for different departments and these work-wears are used to identify their department.

It’s easier to identify if the person is from construction or management or transportations. These work gears are made from durable and comfortable woven material which is either long sleeves and/or short sleeves.

You can customize these work gears according to your needs and imprint your company logo on these work wears.

2. Automotive work gear

Automotive work gears are worn by technicians who have a very demanding job. They deal with different types of chemicals, greasy products, oils, fluids, equipment etc.

Their work gear is made from materials that are easy to wash. Automotive work gear are usually polo shirts with long sleeves or short sleeves with full pants. 

These work wears have several pockets and sections, where mechanics can keep their parts during their repairing work.

3. Restaurant work gear

Restaurant work gears have many different options like work gear for kitchen staff, work gear for serving staff, work gear for concierge or valet, work gear for management, work gear for hostess/host, work gear for housekeeping staff etc.

these work gears are customized with the brand logo. All these work wears are styled differently like the chef work wear is made from a material that is easily washable, and people can experiment with the work wear of their serving staffs. You can promote your brand by imprinting your logo on these work wears.

4. Medical work gear

Medical work gears are the common medical uniforms worn but doctors and nurses. You can find different types of medical work gears such as jackets, short coats, surgical gowns, lab coats etc.

Medical work gear is made from high quality materials that can take multiple numbers of washes and last for many years. Make sure, you must choose the best quality medical work wears which are easy to sanitize.

5. Work shirts

You will find polo shirts and formal shirts most commonly worn by men because they are comfortable, look stylish and can be worn in any weather.

Work shirts can be combined with jackets and coats too. These are available in long-sleeves and short sleeves.

Work shirts are made from cotton, which is known for its softness, stability, and aeration. Fancier work shirts are available in silk and satin materials too.

6. Fleece work gears

Fleece work gears are environment friendly because of its flexibility, adapting to different weather conditions, easily washable with regular washing soap and water does not require any special cleaners.

These are work gears for uniforms, can be made in different colors, designs, patterns as per the requirements of the business owner.

They are also best work gears for people working outdoors like plumbers, gardeners, construction workers etc.

7. High Visibility work gear

High visibility work gear is for those people who work in areas that has minimum to no lights in their working area or for people who work during the night.

These work gears consist of high visibility vests which are made in fluorescent colors with radium strips on it which makes it easier for anyone to spot them from far.

High-Vis work gears can be made in t-shirts, over-all, dungarees, jacket, hats etc. If you want to work in night, then you need to wear such work gear.

Coverall work gears is a one piece uniform. There are worn to cover the body completely so avid any kind of spills or dirt or contamination coming contact with any part of the body.

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These work gears are commonly worn by people for safety. They are designed to be fire resistant, water resistant, shock resistant and easily washable.