Digital Marketing Job opportunities in India

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

Getting started in digital marketing can be overwhelming in India or elsewhere. Knowing what career opportunities are available in digital marketing in India will allow you to make an informed decision based on information that is clear and accurate.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with all the information you need before you begin your career in digital marketing. Continue reading for tips regarding starting a career in digital marketing.

Scope Digital Marketing in India

There is a wide scope of careers in the digital marketing industry. This industry is said to be in the growth stage because of the lack of skilled manpower.

This is where digital marketing institutes in Vadodara come into the picture because you will need an institute to shape you and nurture you into a strong candidate for the digital marketing industry.

The scope is even wider when you enter the industry before it reaches its booming phase. Online marketing gives you the advantage of presenting your products exclusively to people in your target market.

Your company can advertise to  existing customers who have previously shown interest in your product with remarketing.

Amidst the global crisis of covid-19, companies from both large and small are adopting digital marketing.

This method of conducting marketing campaigns from the comfort of their own home has proven to be one of the most effective on the market today.

Career Growth of Digital Marketing

In 2015, the Indian digital advertising industry had a market size of about 47 billion dollars, but that market size is expected to grow to around 199 billion dollars by 2020.

By 2024, this figure is expected to grow to 539 billion rupees, indicating strong growth in the digital advertisement sector.

In today’s economy, marketing activities are highly effective when a lot of money flows into digital channels. Professionals with high skills are needed to manage these activities smoothly.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Careers

Here is an overview of the various roles you can have in the Digital Marketing field, as well as a salary review.

Depending on the position, the Digital Marketing salary can vary. Before proceeding, you should review the average salary for the different job functions.

Digital Marketing Manager ₹549,252
Search Engine Optimization Manager₹522,232
Social Media Marketing Manager₹345,831
Search Engine Marketing Manager₹880,000
Email Marketing Manager₹480,000
Content Marketer₹41,666
E-commerce Manager₹471,699
Conversion Rate Optimization Manager₹500,000

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are responsible for a brand’s  complete  digital presence. With the objective of increasing sales, they leverage every digital marketing channel to promote clients’ products or services.

In order to be a successful digital marketing manager, one needs to have experience of at least 5 years and relevant certifications.

The digital marketing manager reports to the company’s head or VP of digital marketing and takes charge of the digital marketing department.

Furthermore, they are responsible for overall campaign planning & management, as well as collating diverse digital marketing components to make sure they are effective and efficient. You must have 2+ years of experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization Manager

In search engine optimization, the goal is to make the site or  page  so  that  it shows up in the search engine’s results.

SEO professionals analyze review and optimize websites using organic SEO techniques. In order to drive traffic to one’s website, one also needs to develop posts with powerful keywords.

Since search engine algorithms are updated daily, SEO is a highly developed field, so one must remain informed about the latest changes in search engine algorithms. You will learn all about SEO by joining MIP Academy.

Social Media Marketing Manager

An easy way to describe social media marketing is that it pertains to managing a company’s social media presence.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. are included here. They also help companies develop and implement their social media strategy.

It is the responsibility  of  a social media marketer to create  and post content related to a social media strategy, to  monitor key  metrics like reach, impressions, and engagement of followers.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, or a related field is typically required for social media manager positions.

Search Engine Marketing Manager

It’s your duty, as an SEM Manager, to manage the company’s SEO strategy. Content strategy involves planning content strategy, link building, and keyword strategy, among other duties.

Paid advertisements across all search engines and display networks are the responsibility of Search Engine Marketing Specialists.

Having good analytical skills and not fearing numbers might make search engine marketing an attractive career choice.

Email Marketing Manager

To be an effective Email Marketer, one needs to build a  customer  list,  create emails that are personal and customizable, and nurture leads with written correspondence.

In addition to  conducting end-to-end marketing campaigns, creating newsletters, and updating customers about new products, and Email marketer will also execute end-to-end campaigns.

Content Marketer

It is the responsibility of Content Marketing Managers to develop, plan, and implement the content strategy for the entire company.

In this role, they are responsible for creating and producing marketing content for online and offline use.

To become a content marketer you must have BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience, Past experience building audiences either online or offline, Good time-management skills, and many more.

E-commerce Manager

E-commerce managers develop and implement online marketing plans for a business’s website, particularly marketing, advertising, and content.

An eCommerce manager is heavily involved in the business’s website, particularly marketing, advertising, and content.

Also, they may oversee your business’s website and possibly manage it all together. Their collaborations will depend on the situation-especially with web developers and possibly clients.

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

A conversion rate optimizer is responsible for increasing the conversion ratio with each stage of a marketing funnel.

It will be the CRO expert’s responsibility to interact with multiple parties in digital marketing. For example, a CRO expert and a marketing manager can collaborate to create conversion-optimized landing pages. Conversion rate optimization experts use a variety of tools to boost conversion rates.

On An Ending Note

Taking advantage of this digital wave is a wonderful way to earn an income. COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of digital marketing for companies and organizations.

According to an estimate, the number of jobs in digital marketing  will reach an all-time high by 2022, meaning that the field will survive.

The goal of this blog is to teach you the top digital marketing skills you should possess so you can succeed with them.

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It is a very lucrative field, and this list of digital marketing skills may be the first step in becoming proficient in it.