Interview: Diksha Jodhani,CEO & Founder at Familio

Diksha Jodhani,CEO & Founder at Familio

An interview with Diksha Jodhani,CEO & Founder at Familio, a skincare brand for babies & teenagers

Meet Ms. Diksha Jodhani, the innovative mind behind Familio, a pioneering skincare brand dedicated to the delicate needs of babies and teenagers. As the CEO and Founder, Diksha brings a blend of passion and expertise to the realm of skincare, crafting products that prioritize safety, efficacy, and sustainability.

With a deep understanding of the evolving skincare landscape, she has led Familio to become a trusted name among families seeking gentle yet effective solutions for their loved ones.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind founding Familio and the story behind its inception?

Diksha Jodhani: It started when the founder went to the supermarket to buy hair shampoo for her little niece and was surprised about the fact that there is no specific brand for children above the age of five. Parents in India are highly dependent on commercial brands or have been using those baby soaps for years.

During the study of the Indian market, we realized people are often using adult-specific chemical-filled products on the gentle skin of their little ones. They were unable to name a brand that was there for teens. There is a grey area for the hygiene and personal care needs of the young generation, where we work.

Upon research involving the Parents, they struggle to find it difficult to buy the right products with the right ingredients for their children. Suppose there is hair loss due to damaged hair in kids, looking for the right shampoo for daily use is a big-time headache.

Our brand was born out of the need for trustable products for babies, preschoolers, and teens, which are often unavailable in the market. We aim to provide derma-tested, natural, cruelty-free products for every age group and to be a one-stop shop for all family skin care needs.

What sets Familio apart from other skincare brands in the market, and what unique value proposition does it offer to consumers?

Diksha Jodhani: Familio – is the slang word used for “FAMILY” which is the nest of love and care.It is the first New Age Indian brand curated to cater to the personal care needs of the biological clock of the human life cycle, from infants to toddlers and teens.

We believe that happy families start at home and making wise choices for our little ones is essential for their health and growth.

Our brand aims to build a family of conscious parents who recognize the needs of their little loved ones from the very early stage.

We are committed to being a trustworthy, sustainable, affordable, and quality-conscious brand that provides 100% natural-based products which are effective and clinically tested.

Familio India started on the principles of the work based on Nicherin Dashonin’s Buddhism of Daily Life

Beauty – to produce and give quality products to children for their better hygiene from early childhood

Benefit – value-driven products which don’t compromise quality and enhance the day to day life

Good – for giving back to the society by helping underprivileged children

The emergence of our differentiation into categories focused on age groups –

Researchers, Dermat , Gynae and Pediatric have stated that strongly that a newborn infant’s skin are not fully developed until a certain age and the oil-secreting glands do not become active which leads to increased water loss, skin peeling, risk of irritation or blisters. The prime reason for differentiation is the needs and wants of every child.

An infant is dependent on his/her parents for everything. They live in a warm cocoon. They might not need any facewash, sunscreen, etc because they have fragile skin which requires gentle, mil and nourishing ingredients rich formulations for the soft skin whereas a fun toddler who is enjoying playing out and going to school gets dirtier and needs a routine for good hygiene practices.

During morning baths, a gentle body wash paired with shampoo and face wash is good to go for daily use.

Coming to teens, this age group of children is going through the transition of puberty which leads to more insecurity over individuality and increased skin problems like acne, dryness, oil secretion, etc. Good hygiene practices are a must for their healthy bodies.

Our mission is to become an all-inclusive quality conscious one-stop solution for every parent and child For their day-to-day needs.

How do you ensure that Familio’s skincare products are both effective and safe for your customers?

Diksha Jodhani: From the point of ideation, we are very cautious regarding the safety of the child. The main purpose of the brand is to provide quality-conscious products for kids’ safety and well-being.

Coming to Packaging, we use PET Recyclable plastics to ensure non-breakage issues while handling small children. We considered glass initially but we need to drop it off due to this reason. Now, the most important is Formulation.

We have dozens of samples in our office to decide on one formulation per product. We study ingredients and decide which is good for skin, hair, and body. We also decide what kind of formulation will suit for which age group and consult industry experts.

For safety, we have taken necessary testing like derma, nontoxic, cruelty-free, and other govt certifications. Plus batch testing is a must after every batch of production for standardization before going to market.

Coming to effectiveness, we are ensuring the safety and daily usage of natural products with natural preservatives to ensure overall well-being. We are inculcating good hygiene practices in young children from their early years.

In a competitive market, what strategies does Familio employ to stand out and attract consumers?

Diksha Jodhani: Familio is strategizing to make an impact in the market where there is a lot of grey area for the skincare needs of children. There are many brands in India already for babies.

I feel the product’s ideation and consistent quality will make us stand out in a crowded market.

Our vision is to provide holistic wellbeing just not sell the product. We are concerned for poor hygiene and our brand will advocate the same through it.

But we are struggling constantly to make it better and better, whether its packaging, formulation, and usage overall to give an experience to little children.

As the CEO and Founder, what challenges have you faced in building Familio, and how have you overcome them?

Diksha Jodhani: Challenges were many in ideating the Familio. Deciding the identity, identifying the market, and rigorous research for the months. I remember checking out various bottle suppliers for a month and still being unable to decide.

There used to be so much chaos in my mind regarding formulations with active ingredients,  feel, texture, and after-effects. The process has been overwhelming meeting new people, new fields of work, and finding the right people to associate it. It took one year to decide and ideation only.

Willpower and determination can move mountains. If you want to do it, you will find a way. That’s my way of dealing with overcoming obstacles. Anyway, life isn’t a bed of roses, and the same applies to work. Your inner solid attitude is the deciding factor for any outcome.

For future developments or expansion is we are doing research on pre-natal moms right now and understanding their needs of them. We are a family-oriented brand and a mother is the most crucial part of it.

Let’s see how soon we can launch. In terms of market reach, we are trying to settle ourselves in online channels of selling and distribution. Over the years, we will go offline slowly and gradually.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the skincare or beauty industry based on your experiences with Familio?

Diksha Jodhani: The only advice I want to give to any budding entrepreneur of any field at any age is it’s a thrilling journey and you need a strong heart to head on any failure and a strong head to build a business from scratch. Please go for anything if you are 100% convinced only.

Nothing will come easy if it’s beauty, skincare, clothing anything.

Ms. Diksha Jodhani’s journey as the CEO and Founder of Familio epitomizes a commitment to excellence in skincare. Through her visionary leadership, Familio has not only redefined standards but also fostered a community centered around nurturing and protecting young skin.

With Diksha’s unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, Familio continues to illuminate the path towards healthier, happier skin for generations to come.

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