Discover the Revolutionary Flat Rate pricing model Changing the Graphic Design Industry

Design Madari

Discover the Revolutionary Flat Rate pricing model Changing the Graphic Design Industry

Design Madari, India’s 1st flat-rate graphic design service, has just launched a revolutionary subscription model that is set to change the way businesses in India acquire high-quality creative communication at an affordable price.

With over 17 years of experience in serving clients globally, the company has recognized the need for a cost-effective and reliable solution in the Indian market, particularly as the majority of branding and communication activities are now happening on digital platforms.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses of all sizes are in need of fresh, cutting-edge designs that can be delivered on a consistent basis.

However, coordinating with freelance designers can often be a hassle, particularly when it comes to ensuring quality and consistency.

Design Madari’s subscription model eliminates these headaches, making it easy for businesses to acquire the designs they need without the added stress and uncertainty.

Design Madari comprehends the difficulties and expenses associated with hiring a full-time designer. Furthermore, it recognizes the struggles of maintaining a talented design team in today’s ever-changing world.

In order to overcome these challenges, it has created a solution by offering a dedicated team of designers at a fixed monthly rate, thus making the design experience for its clients, effortless and convenient

The subscription model, offered at an unbeatable flat-rate, allows businesses to have access to an entire team of experienced and talented designers who can cater to their design needs with the utmost efficiency.

This means that businesses no longer need to worry about the quality of their designs, as Design Madari’s team of designers are all professionals with years of experience in the industry.

Design Madari has also seen a staggering 100% business growth YoY, having served over 100 users and delivered over 5,000 designs to date.

The company’s market outreach covers the entire country, and its plans for future expansion include reaching 500 subscribers by March 2024.

One of the key USPs of Design Madari is the breadth and depth of the design solutions it offers. With over 120+ design services available under one subscription from advertisements and 2D animation to branding and logos, infographics to billboards, and t-shirts to cups, the company provides a wide range of design solutions that can cater to the diverse needs of businesses across different industries.

Furthermore, Design Madari’s custom backend, which is soon to be launched, promises to give subscribers a wow experience in terms of getting designs, uploading project requirements, and giving feedback.

Another USP of Design Madari is its white label services, which allows designers, freelancers, and agencies to outsource their designing work to the company, thus saving them time and effort, while ensuring that their clients receive the best possible designs.

Design Madari’s team of in-house designers is also a significant asset. The company has an agile and creative team of designers who are adept at planning, executing, and showcasing the “monkey dance” of every mood and flavour.

With their vast experience, they are able to deliver designs that exceed expectations, promptly, and with no questions asked.

The company has also worked with many renowned brands from across different industries like Apollo Clinic, Ideal Insurance, Maxim, Lions Club, NRAI, West Coast Paper Mills, Lend Partenrz, Gajanan Clinic, RB Diagnostic, Chandan Jewellers, Prozor Tech, etc. catering to their diverse marketing and communication needs.

This has allowed them to gain invaluable experience and knowledge, which they bring to the table for each and every one of their clients. In conclusion, Design Madari is the one-stop-shop for all your graphic design needs.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a large corporation, Design Madari has the experience, expertise, and resources to cater to your design needs and exceed your expectations.

With its revolutionary subscription model, white label services, and experienced in-house team of designers, Design Madari is the only choice for businesses looking for a reliable and affordable graphic design solution.

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