Interview: Dishi Somani, Founder of DishiS Designer Jewelry, an exclusive online designer store

Dishi Somani-founder of DishiS Designer Jewelry

An interview with Dishi Somani, Founder of DishiS Designer Jewelry, an exclusive online designer store

Welcome to an insightful interview with Ms. Dishi Somani, the visionary founder of DishiS Designer Jewelry. She has revolutionized the industry with her creativity and passion for exquisite craftsmanship. Her journey from inception to prominence underscores her dedication to blending artistry with innovation, making her a trailblazer in the world of fine jewelry.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting DishiS Designer Jewelry and how the journey began?

Dishi Somani: From working in a strong position at Axis Bank to being the founder of Dishi’s Designer Jewelry, my journey has been all about choosing passion over comfort. The absence of creativity always left a void in my life that my corporate role couldn’t fill.

This company is not just a business for me but a manifestation of my artistic journey. It allowed me to blend my passion for art with my profession, creating pieces that reflect my creativity and dedication. This transition has been advantageous, turning my dream into a vibrant reality.

What sets DishiS Designer Jewelry apart from other designer jewelry brands in the market?

Dishi Somani: What sets our brand apart from other jewelry brands in the market is our unique blend of affordability and customization. Our aim has always been to create an inclusive experience for our customers by offering high-quality materials and craftsmanship at accessible prices.

With our collection ranging from Rs. 2,000 – Rs.250,000 we cater to a broader spectrum of jewelry enthusiasts without compromising on quality. Additionally, our emphasis on customization adds a personal touch to the jewelry shopping experience.

We understand that each individual has unique tastes and preferences, so we offer the option to customize our designs to suit their style. This ensures that every piece we create becomes a true reflection of the wearer’s personality. By merging affordability with personalization, we provide a distinctive and memorable experience that sets us apart in the competitive world of designer jewelry.

How do you ensure that each piece of jewelry reflects the ethos and values of your brand?

Dishi Somani: Ensuring that each piece reflects the ethos and values of our brand is extremely important. Our process begins with a deep understanding of our core values: quality, creativity, affordability, and personalization. We prioritize quality by sourcing only the finest materials and employing skilled artisans who bring exceptional craftsmanship to every piece.

Additionally, creativity is at the heart of our design process. Therefore, by integrating both traditional hand sketches and technology we create innovative and unique designs. This blend of old and new techniques allows us to push creative boundaries while maintaining a high standard of artistry.

Finally, personalization is what truly sets us apart. We provide our customers with the option to customize their jewelry, ensuring that each piece is a true reflection of their style and personality. This bespoke approach allows us to create meaningful connections with our customers, making each piece special and unique.

Could you share some insights into the design process at DishiS Designer Jewelry? How do you stay innovative and unique in your designs?

Dishi Somani: Our design process is a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. Initially, our designs were built on traditionally intricate hand sketches. Using CAD technology in our design process has been extremely transformative.

This technology has not only accelerated our design workflow but also opened up new creative possibilities. Using CAD software like Fusion 360 and AutoCAD, we can create numerous varieties of jewelry models.

This allows us to easily customize designs based on customer demands, such as adjusting sizes and shapes, adding unique gemstones, or engraving initials. This is one such feature that helps us create unique and personalized pieces that resonate with customers on a personal level.

By staying innovative and by using advanced technologies like CAD, we ensure that our designs remain distinctive and tailored to individual preferences.

What challenges did you face when establishing and growing DishiS Designer Jewelry, and how did you overcome them?

Dishi Somani: Initially our operation was home-based, from there we expanded to a 3000 sq. ft. office in Dwarka, New Delhi. One major challenge that we faced during our expansion growth was transitioning from a less competitive online space to a more saturated market.

In the early years, we faced slow website engagement as customers were hesitant to order expensive jewelry without a physical viewing. However, the pandemic turned out to be a pivotal time for us. With more people shifting to online shopping, we saw around a 30% hike in sales.

We eventually overcame these challenges by focusing on enhancing our online user experience, providing detailed product descriptions, and high-quality images, and ensuring excellent customer service. This approach reinforced our brand’s credibility and helped us thrive in the evolving market dynamics, ultimately pushing DishiS Designer Jewellery to new heights.

In a competitive market, how do you approach pricing strategy while maintaining the quality and exclusivity of your products?

Dishi Somani: In a competitive market, our approach to pricing strategy at DishiS Designer Jewellery is centred on the belief that the label “designer” shouldn’t automatically equate to exorbitant prices. Despite using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, we ensure our collection is priced between Rs. 2,000 – Rs.250,000.

This makes our jewelry accessible to a broader spectrum of enthusiasts without compromising on quality or exclusivity. We achieve this balance by carefully managing our production costs and optimizing our processes.

Moreover, our unique blend of affordability, chic design, and personalization sets us apart. We cater to the diverse needs and desires of our valued customers, offering them the luxury of bespoke designs without the prohibitive price tag.

This strategy not only attracts a wider audience but also boosts loyalty among our customers who appreciate both the quality and value we provide.

Technology is changing the landscape of the jewelry industry. How does DishiS Designer Jewelry incorporate technology into its processes, such as design, manufacturing, or customer engagement?

Dishi Somani: The involvement of technology is bringing rapid evolution in almost every industry including jewelry. A recent survey shows that today around 49% of businesses already use ChatGPT, as such AI tools help to make well-informed decisions more efficiently.

We at DishiS Designer Jewelry, use virtual assistants and chatbots to enhance customer service and support, ensuring we provide quick and accurate responses to our customers’ concerns. This not only improves our service but also helps us stay ahead in the competitive jewelry market.

Furthermore, our creative team conducts intensive research, analyzing buying patterns and staying updated on consumer preferences and market trends. Technology also assists us in sourcing sustainable materials and optimizing our production processes to minimize environmental impact. By using these technological advancements, we enhance both our business operations and our commitment to sustainability.  

What do you envision for the future of DishiS Designer Jewelry, and how do you plan to stay relevant and innovative in the ever-evolving jewelry market?

Dishi Somani: At DishiS Designer Jewelry, our vision is to continue growing and evolving into a globally recognized brand. We aim to expand our operations and reach new markets including Japan, which holds great potential for us.

To achieve this, we plan to create more segments and categories within the jewelry section to cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences. By diversifying our offerings, we can appeal to a broader audience and meet the varying needs of our customers.

Also staying relevant and innovative in the ever-evolving jewelry market is crucial. We will continue to use advanced technologies, such as CAD for design and AI for customer service, to enhance our operations and stay ahead of trends.

Additionally, our focus on customization will remain a cornerstone, allowing us to create personalized pieces that resonate deeply with our customers.

Ms. Somani’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence continue to inspire, setting a benchmark for aspiring designers globally. Through DishiS Designer Jewelry, she not only showcases timeless elegance but also embodies the essence of entrepreneurial success driven by creativity and unwavering determination.

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