Disposable Glass Manufacturing Business for Indian Entrepreneurs – Best Business Idea

Disposable Glass Manufacturing Business

Small profitable business ideas – Disposable Glass Manufacturing Business

Are you looking for the disposable glass manufacturing business idea or sample profile? Find here a detailed project guide with row material details, machinery details, profit margin, and project cost.

As you know, the central government of India is providing support to start your own disposable glass manufacturing business through many schemes. 

Starting a disposable glass manufacturing business is profitable and easy too. You can start this unique business on a small or large-scale both. The project cost depends on the production output you want.

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Any entrepreneur can start his or her own business with government support. If you are entrepreneur and too have similar thoughts and looking to start your own disposable glass manufacturing business with government support, then this article will be of great help to you. 

Today, in this article we will discuss about the one of the most profitable business in India.  Yes, we are talking about paper cup making business.

Market for Paper Cup in India

Nowadays the demand for disposable glass is rapidly increasing in the Indian market, especially in city. 

Paper cups are ideal for individual servings at all types of tea stalls & food canteens, educational institutions, fast food stalls, restaurants, industrial canteen, and supermarkets.

Disposable glasses demand is majorly occasions like family gathering, Kids parties, picnic parties, Birthday, family functions, marriages, and event organizers.  

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You can earn money through this business and make profit, not only this; the government of India will also support you in starting this business.

Increase in Demand for Disposable Glass Instead of Plastic Glass

As we, all know that the pollution problem has rapidly increased in the country; in such a situation, the government of India has banned single-use plastic items like cups, trays, straws, plates, and polystyrene from Jul 1, 2022.

Disposable Glass

Because of this, most people do not use single-use plastic items.  In view of this, the demand for disposable glasses or paper cups has started increasing in the Indian market.

In this time, starting a disposable glass manufacturing business can prove to be beneficial for you.

Where to Get Disposable Cup Machine

You can easily find this disposable glass-making machine in many cities including Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Agra. If you are at the initial stage of starting this venture then you can even bought a small paper cup-making machine and it will cost you around Rs 1.5 to Rs 2.5 lakh.


The area requirement depends on the unit. Normally, establishing a disposable glass manufacturing business requires at least 600 to 800St Ft of covered area with electricity and water facility. Industrial are is advisable.


When you get the total project cost for this business, the next step is investment. If you have your own fund to invest in this business, then it is good.

Otherwise, you can apply for a project loan at your nearest nationalized bank or any private bank.

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Check, if there any Government subsidy is available or not. Alternatively, you can apply for only term loan for machinery or only working capital depending on your specific manufacturing requirement.

Business Registration

The disposable glass manufacturing business requires business registration and license from the local authority.

You can start a small-scale business as a proprietorship firm. For a large-scale business, you can opt for partnership, LLP or Pvt Ltd company registration.

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Apply for the business PAN Card. There is no need to apply PAN Card for the proprietorship firm. Obtain GST number for tax filing.

Apply for the Trade License. If you want to manufacture the disposable cups under your own brand name, then apply for Trademark Registration.

Subsidy to Start Disposable Glass Business

The government offers loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna to start this business. Under this scheme, the government of India provides the subsidy on interest. 

In this business, you have to invest at least 25% of the total project cost on your own, while the government offers 75% of the loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra loan

Apart from this, the central government provides loan facility of up to 90% under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program to those starting disposable glass manufacturing business. 

Apply for Pradhan Mantra Mudra Yojna

You can apply in any national bank or private sector bank near you under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna to raise funds.

For this, you will have to fill a simple loan application form, in which these basic details will have to be given including your name, education, address, experience, business address, current income and how much loan is required.

There is no guarantee fee or processing fee to be paid in this. The loan can be returned in 5 years.  Not only this, you can also take loan from State Bank of India – SBI to start your own Business. 

Raw Material for Disposable Cups/Plates Making

For the raw material of disposable glass manufacturing, you have to contact the raw material supplier. Before ordering the raw material, make sure that your taken disposal material should be safe.

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You need raw materials for the manufacturing of paper cups.  The list follows

  • Bottom Reel
  • Printed PE Paper
  • Packing Material

Cost to Start Disposal Cups Business

  • If you are starting the disposable glass business on a small scale, then it will cost you around Rs 1.5 to Rs 2.5 lakh on the machine.
  • If you are going to start this business on a large scale, then it will cost around 55 to 65 lakh including equipment, machinery installation, electrification etc.  
  • Utility expenditure like electricity, water etc. can be up to 7000.
  • About Rs 3 lakh will be spent on its row material.
  • There may be an expenditure of up to Rs 25,000 in other pre-operative expenses.
  • You will need both unskilled & skilled men power, which can cost around Rs 25000 to 40000 per month.

Marketing & promotion

As disposable glasses, have mass consumption requirements. It is a product of daily use. Paper cups selling in the market will not be a big problem.

You must concentrate on marketing, advertising, selling and promotion. Paper cups find the potential market in Restaurants, Fast Foods, Industrial Canteens, Educational Institutions Canteens, IT companies, Tea Shops, Catering People, Super Markets, and Paper Product Dealers.

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Also, the roadside tea stalls are the regular buyers of disposable glasses. In getting long-term success in the disposable glass manufacturing business, you must ensure a healthy monthly sale from the unit.  You can create an online store not only to sell online but also to enhance your brand image.