Divya Aggarwal, Creative Director of Kazo, a women’s fast fashion brand

Divya Aggarwal - Creative Director of Kazo

Entrepreneurial Journey of Divya Aggarwal, Creative Director of Kazo, a women’s fast fashion brand

Dedicated, passionate and foresighted, Divya Aggarwal is a woman of substance and currently working as the Creative Director of Kazo.

Surrounded by fashion, fabric and everything in between from a very young age culminated her interest in fashion.

Her passion and involvement during her high school days in fine art eventually shaped her interest in fashion design.

A young 25 year old, Divya completed her high school education from The British School, New Delhi and further completed her BFA from Parsons Of Design, New York City with a major in Fashion Designing and a minor in Design Management.

She believes that one should not be limited to their educational qualifications; however it can definitely help accelerate one’s growth within the industry and the course of their choice.

Divya is a firm believer in experimental challenges and believes that hard work, passion, focus on detail and a vision reaps desired results.

During Divya’s educational tenure at Parsons, she always thought about settling in New York. Soon she realized that working with her father, a first generation entrepreneur and Founder and MD of Kazo, she had a direct entry point into the fashion industry where she could make a difference.

Working alongside him, enabled her to have the privilege of enriching her own knowledge with diversified learning in all avenues of the business, the best form of learning.

No journey is without its fair share of challenges and having said that she described her journey within the industry as challenging in the best possible way.

Being a part of an industry that is extremely competitive and fast paced, enabled her to form a commendable work ethic that proved to be extremely crucial in the initial stages of building a career.

Fashion is all about new trends and it changes seasonally, so as a designer, being one trend ahead is extremely vital.

Divya Aggarwal, Creative Director of Kazo

This enabled her to constantly put her best foot forward and form an ingenuity to outperform expectations.

Divya’s own personal set of challenges being the creative director of Kazo have been balancing her own personal aesthetic versus the brand aesthetic.

Over the course of experiences and time she realized that in an industry where everyone has access to the same inspiration, styles and trends can be replicated in an instance.

Staying true to the brand values and keeping target audiences in mind helped her stay focused and create collections that have a personality and sense of originality that are unique to the brand Kazo.

As a millennial, the changes she has made with regards to Kazo have been helpful to say the least. Divya’s multidisciplinary approach to design allowed her to restructure the brand aesthetic from garment design to brand identity in the best possible way.

Her addition of new categories like fragrances and additions to accessories helped the brand gain exposure to newer markets.

Another important change was helping Kazo engage in better fashion and working towards incorporating sustainable practices and conscious choices.

The last season of Kazo incorporated recycled polyester and BCI cotton fabrics under the label ‘Kazo Konscious’.

Alongside this, the brand is also working on implementing measures to minimize waste generated by fashion production by using leftover scraps to make hairbands, scrunchies etc.

Divya reiterates the importance of passion and following one’s dream. She believes that perseverance is everything, to keep working hard towards your dream even is unsure what that dream looks like yet. All opportunities, big or small, are equally important experiences.

Website: https://kazo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kazowoman/?hl=en

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