CA Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek, Women Entrepreneurs & brainchild of ShareALittle

Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek
Image credits: ShareALittle

CA Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek: Women entrepreneurs behind ShareALittle, A crowdfunding platform

Here is yet another inspiring success story of women entrepreneurs of India. Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek, two Chartered Accountants who founded a crowdfunding platform ShareALittle, to support connect NGOs to potential donors.

Started NGO

In November 2020, on the lines of Give India, Divya and Trishla started her own NGO named ‘Share a Little’ and started providing financial help to other NGOs engaged in social welfare through Crowd Fundings.

But this entrepreneurial journey of Divya and Trishla was not so easy either. Let’s know the inspiring success story of women entrepreneurs, Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek who leaving the best career of CA and coming to the field of social entrepreneurship.

Women Entrepreneur Duo

Divya and Trishla became friends at the age of 10 at Welham Girls’ School, a boarding school in Dehradun.

After completing school, Divya started her B.Com from Indraprastha College, Delhi University. Along with this, she also started studying CA, completed college in 2014 and then did apprenticeship in Gurgaon for 3 years.

Trishla Pareek and Divya Singhal became Chartered Accountants in 2018, and soon started their first jobs in Mumbai.

Divya, Equity Research at a broking house and Trishla pursued Financial Due Diligence at the Big 4.

Since their offices were only 10 minutes away, they rented an apartment to live in together. Both girls just wanted something other than jobs.

Divya Singhal’s father Kapil Singhal is also a CA. Divya’s younger brother is working in a private equity fund and elder brother is in a corporate job in a bank while his sister-in-law works for FedEx. Everyone in Divya’s family is from the finance professional sector.

ShareALittle, A crowdfunding platform

During the pandemic, the Chartered Accountants Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek, were concerned about how poor children would cope with online classes.

This led to the beginning of their social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding start-up, ShareALittle.

CA Divya Singhal and Trishla Pareek registered the company, applied for the 80G, opened a company bank account, and set up a non-profit organization.

They created a ShareALittle website with a very secure payment gateway and built a crowdfunding model to act as an intermediary between donors and NGOs.

The Challenges

The main challenges they faced were in corona pandemic is inability to have face-to-face meetings for fundraising events and inability to travel.

Every business needs effort and time to set up and several business hurdles. In this case, Divya and Trishla’s first challenge was reaching the beneficiaries.

Automating processes for fundraising plans, NGO tie-ups, and building a donor base.

Why ShareALittle       

  • Stringent Vetting Process for Campaign Owners
  • Tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act
  • Verified NGOs
  • On-Ground Feedback From the Beneficiary

How it Works

Entrepreneur Duo feels that charities do not reach relevant beneficiary. ShareALittle crowdfunding platform made them devise a transparent social accounting system that would report back to the donor.

ShareALittle crowdfunding platform also provide report about where and how the NGO utilized the funds. It aims to help NGOs start fundraisers.

To make a donation

  • Log in or sign up on the ShareALittle website
  • Select the campaign
  • Make the payment
  • Receive updates from the beneficiary

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