Interview: Divyanshu Solanki, Founder at Inknibs

Divyanshu Solanki - Inknibs Founder

An interview with Divyanshu Solanki, Founder at Inknibs, India’s Largest Online Stationery Shop

Meet Divyanshu Solanki, the visionary founder behind Inknibs, India’s premier online destination for stationery aficionados. With a passion for creativity and organization, Divyanshu embarked on a journey to revolutionize the stationery shopping experience.

Through Inknibs, he has curated a diverse range of high-quality stationery products, catering to the needs of students, professionals, and artists alike. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer satisfaction have propelled Inknibs to become the go-to platform for stationery enthusiasts across the nation.

Can you brief me about your journey to founding this company? What inspired you to start it?

Divyanshu Solanki: My journey to founding this company began with a passion for improving accessibility to essential goods in local communities. Witnessing the challenges people faced in finding quality stationery, books and gifting items such as toys inspired me to create Quick Commerce.

I aimed to streamline the process and provide a platform where customers could access a diverse range of products conveniently and efficiently.

What gap or opportunity in the market did you identify that led to the creation of Quick Commerce in the Stationery and Gifting industry?

Divyanshu Solanki: The market lacked a centralized platform that offered a wide selection of stationery, books and gifting items while prioritizing speed and convenience. Recognizing this gap, we seized the opportunity to create Quick Commerce, aiming to bridge the divide between suppliers and consumers in the stationery, books and toys industry. 

What sets your company apart from competitors in the same space?

Divyanshu Solanki: What sets us apart from competitors in the same space is our relentless focus on innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. Our commitment to curating the finest products, coupled with our hyperlocal approach, ensures unparalleled convenience and satisfaction for our customers.

How do you plan to adapt your business model to changing market conditions or customer needs?

Divyanshu Solanki: We understand the importance of adaptability in today’s dynamic market landscape. As such, we continuously evolve our business model to cater to changing market conditions and customer needs. We bring products from modern trade to general trade, transforming supply chains to cater to offline retail demands effectively.

Can you provide an overview of your B2B2C model and how it operates within the market?

Divyanshu Solanki: Our B2B2C model operates as a facilitator, empowering MSMEs and small brands, both online and offline, to reach their target audience seamlessly. We provide them with a platform to showcase their products while leveraging technology to enhance the retail experience for both retailers and consumers.

By fostering strong partnerships with businesses and suppliers, we ensure a steady supply of goods while providing customers with access to a diverse range of products at competitive prices.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to make a positive impact through their ventures?

Divyanshu Solanki: For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact through their ventures, I emphasize the importance of focus and patience. Stay true to your vision, remain resilient in the face of challenges, and always prioritize delivering value to your customers.

How do you identify and select the B2B partners you collaborate with in your model?

Divyanshu Solanki: We identify and select B2B partners based on their alignment with our values and vision. We provide them with a platform that not only expands their reach but also enhances their technological capabilities, making retailers more tech-savvy and adaptable in today’s digital landscape.

Our focus is on fostering mutually beneficial relationships that drive growth and innovation in the industry.

Inknibs, under the leadership of Divyanshu Solanki, continues to redefine the landscape of online stationery shopping in India. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, Divyanshu’s vision has transformed Inknibs into not just a marketplace, but a hub of creativity and inspiration for individuals from all walks of life.

As Inknibs flourishes, Divyanshu’s passion for stationery and commitment to customer-centric values remain at the forefront, ensuring that the journey of providing top-notch stationery experiences to customers continues to thrive.

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