DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit, Jewelry Gift Set for Girls

Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit offers jewelry-making supplies, especially for young girls who can make beautiful DIY bracelets and even start their small businesses.

They are a great addition to your jewelry with exquisite customized designs as per your preference.

These accessories are an everyday use, and you can literally wear them every day. You can make any accessory of these jewelry-making supplies from charms, bracelets, necklace pendants, key chains, to anklets.  

Charm bracelet-making kits offer beautiful designs that include unicorns, moon, cat, tree of life, angel wings, dream catcherstarfish, crystals, etc.

The process to make these beautiful charms is very simple and effortless. It’s a hassle-free job. You don’t need to use any specific tool or glue.

Each pack of Charm bracelet making kit provides 2 Bracelets, 6metal rhinestone beads, 10pcs crystal beads, 12 antique alloy beads, and 12pcs Alloy enamel charms.

It would be best if you unscrew to remove the end cap, attach a string of beads altogether, and screw back the end cap tightly.

Everything in one single pack will save you the hassle and time running around hardware stores trying to find the supplies kit. The product is easy to carry and light to wear. You can customize accessories to gifts to your near and dear ones.

Benefits of DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

  • It is easy to make with no tools, glue, or mess.
  • It is light to wear.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • The beads are present in good bright colors.
  • You can use it to make customized designed accessories for every day of the week.
  • You can give gifts to your friends and family.


  • Package dimensions are 12.95 x 9.14 x 2.03 cm.
  • Weight is 113 Grams.
  • Available in multicolor.
  • The product is from Yoading.
  • The material used is Alloy.

One pack includes 2 Bracelets, 6 metal rhinestone beads, 10pcs crystal beads, and 12 antique beads.


The crystal beads are hard to find in your local markets. The quantity components present in Charm Bracelet Making Kit can make only two bracelets in one go. And the amount of string is less. Otherwise, the product is good.


Charm Bracelet Making Kit is a relatively unique and new product in the market. The product is durable and an excellent fit for your stylish accessory collection.

The quality of components is the same as shown in the picture. This jewelry-making kit is a perfect fit for your wallet.

All the charms available in the pack come in pairs so that customers can twin their bracelets with their friends and family. Overall the charms are beautiful and made well. The product comes in good packaging.

Charm Bracelet Making Kit helps you make bracelets that can be adjusted to fit all wrists. It is super comfortable to wear and is an excellent present for your friends and family.

We can assure you that clients, especially young girls, will be supremely delighted. These bracelets will give new wings of inspiration and creativity to young minds.

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The whole kit is cheaper than the price of all the items bought separately, so it is worth the money.