DIY Home Improvement Ideas: 21 Best Affordable Options

DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Home renovation and repair is expensive and many house owners cannot update their house because of this reason.

There are some cool ideas to decorate your house at a low cost. You may use these ideas to update your whole house.

So, there is no hindrance between you and your dream house as you can get many affordable options for this!

1.  Increasing storage space:

Storage space plays a huge role to make your house look beautiful. If there is less storage space, all your things would be scattered everywhere.

So, the best idea is to increase your storage space or you could expand your existing closets. Bookshelves and floating shelves in the living room would look simple and great.

2. Paint the walls:

An easy and quick home improvement idea is to paint the walls. If your house is small, colors such as white, gray and beige would help reflect light and feel open.

For giving your home a dramatic look, you may go with the dark colors like deep purple or navy blue.

If you don’t want to paint your whole room, one corner or accent walls are an effective way to add some change without doing a lot of work. 

3. Boosting natural light:

You should boost the natural light to your home. Pull out your old small windows and fix a big floor-to-ceiling window.

Build windows into the bathroom in such a way that the skylight would easily enter. Or you may just paint interiors with white color for reflecting the light better.

4. Open-floor plan:

If you want to sell your house, you should remodel the living space and plan for open floor designs as most of the buyers want this feature.

You have to eliminate unnecessary doorways and walls to make it easy to walk or move around the space.

5. Creating your master suite:

To improve your bedroom, you could turn it into your master suite. Master suite would give your room a totally different and excellent room.

The features of the master suite include a seating area, master closet, double-door entry and an en suite along double vanity.

6. Install RTA cabinets:

Installing RTA cabinets via OPPEIN Cabinetry can be a great way to spruce up the look of your kitchen. They are available in a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to more traditional looks.

RTA cabinets are a great choice for those who are looking to save money and get a great looking kitchen at the same time.

With RTA cabinets, you can get the look of custom cabinetry without the hefty price tag. Before you purchase, be sure to read RTA kitchen cabinets online reviews to get a better idea of the quality and customer service of the cabinets you are considering.

With a little research, you can find the perfect DIY-friendly RTA cabinets to fit your style and budget.

7.  Finishing the basement:

A finished basement could give you livable square space that you may use for an entertaining space or family room.

Your such investment would not be a waste but gives you a great return because it may help selling your house faster.

8. Transforming the attic:

You should not forget about the attic when you are doing home improvements. You could customize the whole space to be anything you want, like a kid’s playroom or bedroom, extra bathroom, living area or home office.

Transforming the attic is a difficult task and you may need some help from professionals. Because it’s not always easy because of the insulation and structural needs.

9.  Adding crown molding:

Crown molding could give your ceilings and walls a makeover and it adds value and charm to your house.

You may do this job at home and you would need a lightweight polystyrene foam that is coated in hard-plaster.

Just cut it smoothly using a handsaw. You don’t need any tricky angles, coping, ragged joints that may disappear with a bit of mud. You could complete this task in a weekend and make your room a stylish space. 

10.  Installing a stair runner:

You may want to get a better grip on your slippery stairs. Stair runners could be a great help for you. You would find a stair runner at a low cost in the market.

Just buy one and put it over the stairs. Your stairs not only look luxurious but also help you to get a grip.

11. Installing a dishwasher:

Your old dishwasher may be wreaking mess on the water and electric bills. It’s time to install a new dishwasher that could save more power and water than before.

Without a dishwasher, you probably use 40% more water by washing everything using your hand. That’s why, it is important to have a good quality dishwasher to save some money.

12. Removing carpet:

If you are looking for an easy and simple way to modernize your house, you could remove your old carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring.

It is easier to clean and maintain hardwood floors than carpet. The maintenance cost is also low that may be suitable for anyone.

13. Installing open shelving:

Open shelving could help to free up some more space. Cabinets seem bulky in a small kitchen but open shelves make the space larger than before.

Moreover, you could keep spices, dishes, plates, glasses and other items in an organized way and it is also easy to install and clean.

14. Glass-paned doors on your cabinet:

You can update your kitchen cabinet by installing glass-paned doors on them. There are few options for you to choose the type of the glass like frosted or clear glass.

If you want to do this at a low price, plexiglass would be great for you. Glass-paned doors could be cleaned easily and you would find a way to show off the unique and favorite dishes.

15. Installing a backsplash:

Backsplash is one of the best makeover ideas for the kitchen. There are many colors and designs you could go with.

It is an amazing way having your own style represented even in the kitchen. Backsplash is not only good to look at, it also makes your cleaning process easier and protects the walls from getting damage.

16. Refurbish your shower:

You could remodel your bathroom by refurbishing your shower. Replace your old shower head with a fixture that could save water and money, add seating or shelving and install new tiles.

In this way, your bathroom looks fully updated. Opt for using dehumidifiers for bathrooms for better experience.

17. Floating fixtures:

Floating fixtures are great for giving your house a modern look. You could add a floating sink with a cabinet to your small bathroom or kitchen.

Floating commode also saves enough space. These types of fixtures could make the place feel bigger. It reduces tight space and makes the cleaning process easy for you.

18. Sliding doors:

Another home improvement idea is to install sliding doors that are space-saving. These stylish doors could be used in your dining room, laundry room, master bedrooms or even in the toilets. They are easy to install and luxurious to look at.

19. Restore the front door:

Front door is the first priority because it would represent your whole house. If you want to increase the beauty of your house, you should paint the front door.

Dark colors are great for the front door and you can choose blue or purple color. A new door would be the best as it could increase the efficiency and remove drafts permanently.

20. Building a deck:

If you want to boost your home value and need some comfortable space for hanging out with friends and family, you should build a deck.

Wooden decks would give you a good return on your investment if you have planned to sell it. other materials such as composite or vinyl could provide a budget friendly and low maintenance options to add a deck.

21. Landscaping the lawn:

Home improvement for outdoors is also important and it could add the resale value of your home. You could fix a water feature of a stone pathway in the lawn.

Plant flower trees in your lawn and make it more attractive by adding some stylish chairs and tables. Probably it would be the best place to spend some time alone.

Increase the lighting system so your lawn could become a place to read the newspaper in the morning. There are many ideas for updating the lawn and you could pick one that is suitable for you.

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Hopefully these ideas would be helpful for you. Select some ideas and improve the condition of your home. Always keep everything neat and clean because dirt and mess could ruin your efforts.