Do I Need a Website in 2022? Here are 8 reasons why you Do!

Do I Need a Website

It’s 2022 and companies should not ponder whether they need a website, they should have one by now! Once upon a time, each household had a Yellow Page – a marketing initiative developed after the development of the telephone.

By the 1930s, the telephone directory was the standard marketing protocol for most businesses. Fast forward, nearly a century later, the best web development services paved way for a new approach to promoting businesses.

While directories are now obsolete, and other marketing tactics have come and gone – none had the potential of a website.

Building a website does require time, money, and effort but its result surpasses all that went into its investment.

Companies that functioned without a web presence could’ve peacefully made money till the world was taken over by the pandemic.

It was in 2020, that the closed stored and quarantined individuals presented the consequences of their procrastination.

The new decade helped entrepreneurs and business tycoons realize the importance of a web presence that was not limited by a lockdown.

They were looking are their competitors, survive, sustain, and succeeding the dark times with the help of a website.

While many businesses, regardless of their scales, have digitalized their traditional marketing, there are still some who’re skeptical to start.

If you’re a business owner who needs further validation for a website, you’re at the right place. Here are 8 reasons that are inevitable for business growth in the year 2022 and beyond:


A website outdoes a store by its reach as it eliminates geographical limits. It helps your business go beyond cities, states, countries, and even continents at a fraction of what a store would cost.

Moreover, it’s one website that caters to audiences all across the globe, without the need for a native staff.

All you need to do is to optimize the website for maximum exposure and wait as it brings local and international traffic.

The approach also helps businesses be more inclusive in their product/service which leads to improved customer loyalty. Lastly, a website helps even small start-ups find new customers and increase their horizon of service.


In addition to being accessible to people all across the world, a website renders your business accessible round-the-clock as well.

Unlike a traditional store that has certain closing hours, a virtual store on the internet never sleeps. It is constantly experiencing traffic and converting them into leads regardless of what the clock dictates.

Furthermore, you do this by optimizing the site to rank better and it will eventually start racking up leads 24/7.


An important reason why you should have a website is that your prospective customer expects it from you. It’s 2022, the age when 93% of online experience commence with a search engine.

It’s the era when 97% of people are using the internet to meet their search intent. Moreover, 30% of people do not even consider a business that does not have a website.

It imparts the brand as shady and untrustworthy because it doesn’t exist on the internet for validation and authenticity.

Since it allows them to find what they need wherever and whenever people term website as a professional approach.


You may invite traffic from all around the globe, all day long, but it won’t suffice without appropriate customer service.

It is one factor that helps businesses grow upward and ahead by providing a satisfactory service to target customers. There are many strategies that you can employ to render a customer a pleasant web experience.

AI-powered bots for instance provide round-the-clock problem-solving features and behavior analytical capacities.

From communicating with visitors on-site, answering FAQs, and linking them to relevant human representatives, they offer a seamless user experience

Apart from bots, contact information also helps customers connect to you for any query. A contact us section on a single-page website also lets the customer know that you’re there for them.

The strategies assist you in being one step ahead of the issues. The bots help the customer in real-time, while you cater to them when they contact you for a query.


Every brand wants to be seen as worthy of trust and business activity from their customers. Even if you are known for providing a high-quality product and exemplary service, your credibility might be questioned without a website. 75% of people have agreed to judge a brand’s reputation because it did not appear on the internet.

Today when people spend up to five hours on the internet, how would they trust a brand that doesn’t appear on Google? So, before you decide to focus on the quality, remember it won’t make a difference if it is not online.


The cost-effective and result-driven marketing alternative brings more revenue than stores at relatively less investment.

From its establishment to a closure due to unexpected circumstances, a store offers much less than what customers need.

On the other hand, with proper investment in SEO, a website renders the brand available to attract potential customers. The virtual store works with AI-powered bots as its staff managers and is immune to the chaos on the street.


If your competitors are leaving you behind in terms of their popularity, remember it’s because people know and admire them.

They know the brand because it’s there on the search engine, on the websites they visit, and on their social media.

It continues to linger in the back of their head because it exists everywhere they go on the internet. This compels people to visit their website and eventually convert to their products/services.

A web presence with the right features can put your brand in competition with the industry’s top players. And who knows, you might beat them to the top as well.


Every business has a specific demographic that relates best to its brand. This helps shape the narrative that you want your brand to represent.

If you want your audience to hear about you, from yourself, there’s no better channel than a website. The platform is where you connect to those you serve, tell your story, and construct your brand from scratch. Forget print media, digitalize your business to make it a household name.


Even with all the advantages discussed above, you’re still unsure, remember it’s important for your brand’s sustainability.

The advancements in digital marketing have enabled business survival by allowing them to function in the good and bad times.

The recent pandemic alone was responsible for closing nearly one-third of America’s small businesses. Furthermore, 41.3 companies were reported to temporarily pause their services during the said period.

The only names that survived were the ones that had made all possible arrangements beforehand. From SEO to search engine marketing, social media presence to print media – those who employed them, sustained the high tide.

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Creating a website is not as intimidating as it once was. Today with the right team of developers, you can create a web presence that is scalable, flexible, and sustainable.