Do You Sell Products or Services? Why Customer Reviews Matter

Do You Sell Products or Services

If there’s one thing you should take very seriously as a business owner, it is online customer reviews. Businesses that offer products or services to the public now have certain risks that less public businesses do not.

A lot of their future success depends on their ability to generate positive customer reviews. Below are some of the reasons why customer reviews matter so much.

Customer Reviews Are the Modern Word of Mouth

In the past, the reputations businesses held were for the most part shaped by word of mouth between past customers.

Whether good or bad, those reputations developed and were hard for business owners to control. Today, verbal word of mouth has largely been supplanted by a digital variety that spreads via online customer reviews.

It is still very hard for business owners to control. However, the biggest difference is reach. Unlike verbal communication, digital communication has the ability to reach thousands upon thousands of more people in nearly any place that has internet access.

This can be a great help to everyone that runs a business, as they can utilize these positive reviews and hold them aloft for other customers to see.

That way, other customers will see the firsthand experience of other customers with your products or services.

You can even offer your customers an incentive for filling out a review after their purchase. Something like a gift card might be attractive for this sort of thing but you can visit with the members of your team and decide what will work best for you and your needs.

Consumer Intelligence for Product Reviews

Another reason you should take customer reviews very seriously is because they provide you with market research for absolutely free.

Some companies, like Channel Signal, know just how important it is to utilize it. The information that can be gleaned from consumer experiences that are detailed in such reviews are often more accurate than the data you would produce from forms of market research that cost money, like focus group research.

Customers are likely to be extremely honest and straight to the point regarding their experiences in these reviews.

You can learn a lot about both your product or service’s flaws as well as advantages when compared to your competitors.

Consider investing in a service or software solution that aggregates reviews to help create stronger consumer intelligence in your business that can be directly integrated into your daily operations.

Customer Reviews Drive Sales

If there are multiple similar products on sale in a digital retail store, the one that is very likely to sell the most probably has the best customer reviews.

In fact, statistics show that very good customer reviews can increase your sales by as much as 31 percent. This is nothing to scoff at.

That percentage for many companies can be the difference between success and going out of business. Overall, customers tend to trust products that have high customer ratings and positive customer reviews.

Bad reviews and ratings, however, can produce the exact opposite reaction in consumers. Customer reviews definitely drive sales, as other customers reading positive reviews are more likely to order more product.

A good review can work magic, so be sure to think about this when running your business. If you have a lot of good reviews, that part of your task is already complete, which makes running the rest of the business that much easier.

Reviews as Testimonials

Reviews make a huge difference in the world of business. Reviews are essentially the new testimonials that are used in the world of business for customers to learn more about products and services. Reviews also of course help the business out in turn.

When other potential customers read positive reviews about your company, products, or services, they will be more likely to buy from you, as they have a base of knowledge to go off of for their purchase.

Customers want to make informed decisions, and reviews help this happen more effectively. There is always time for reviews, as they help in so many various ways. Reviews are so helpful for customers and business owners alike. They really make a difference.

Overall, customer reviews are very important. As a business owner, you should spend a lot of time reading them and integrating that feedback into your business in meaningful ways.

These reviews will help define your reputation with the public, help determine how many sales you receive and can provide powerful market data that you would have to spend a lot of money to obtain otherwise.

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