Doctor Shopping For Barbs? You are in Danger Zone!

Prescription drugs such as barbiturates (barbs), which are central nervous system depressants, seem to be harmless in the beginning.

People believe the pills cannot harm because the doctor has prescribed them. However, prescription involves taking medication within a limited dose and time period.

The nature of barbs is such that it can make you dependent on them. “The road to dependence leads to addiction,” remarks a rehab specialist at the Massachusetts drug rehab center.

But this is not the topmost matter of concern for doctors. What’s concerning them more is the rising cases of doctor shopping.

What is doctor shopping?

Doctor shopping is an act of visiting multiple doctors and/or pharmacies to get prescriptions for the same drug or different drugs.

For example, the doctor may have prescribed a patient a dose of barbs. He/she takes them and becomes dependent on them.

Now, the patient wants more, but the prescription is over. The patient cannot go to the same doctor. He/she goes to another doctor and discusses with them their condition to get a second prescription. Then he/she goes to the third and fourth.

Doctor shopping clearly indicates that the patient is headed toward addiction. Instead of visiting doctors to get prescriptions, you must take charge of your condition and search for “drug rehab near me.”

If you find it difficult to go off barbs on your own, the drug rehab experts will help you.

Doctor shopping is a dangerous act

Taking a drug for a long time not only makes you dependent on it but also puts your vital organs under pressure.

It may lead to a buildup of toxicity in the body systems. Medications that work on the central nervous system, such as barbs, are known to bind with the brain’s receptors. That’s the reason they are addictive in nature.

Doctors prescribe them to seizure patients, patients with brain injuries (to induce coma), and those with insomnia, anxiety, and other such mental issues wherein the brain goes into hyperactivity.

The medication decreases the brain’s electrical activity, which, in turn, decreases oxygen demand and metabolic activity. This helps to give the patient a restful and deep sleep and reduces anxiety.

However, barbs are found to be dangerous when taken in an overdose or when their use is extended after prescription.

“They kind of grip your brain once you use them for a time more than prescribed. It is always better to stay away from them or simply stop using them once your prescription is over,” says an expert at theDaylight detox addiction treatment center.

Why is it better to stop using barbs instead of continuing to use them?

In the beginning of addiction, you can do it with a little bit of strong willpower. But once you are fully addicted, willpower ceases to work because you enter a different zone. Now, it’s not a matter of willpower, but a matter of body adaptation.

Your body (brain, to be precise) has adapted to barbs. If you stop using them now, you get such unpleasant symptoms that you must take the pill again.

At this point, it becomes necessary that you must go through comprehensive barbiturates withdrawal therapy.

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