Pizza Delivered in 20 Minutes! Domino’s Launches Express Delivery Service in 14 Cities; CEO Says ‘Learn From India’

Domino's Launches Express Delivery

Pizza Delivered in 20 Minutes! Domino’s Launches Express Delivery Service in 14 Cities; CEO Says ‘Learn From India’

December 22, 2022: “India is an important market for us, the largest in terms of market outside the US. We will add about 250 stores every year,” Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner said, advising stores globally to learn from India.

Domino’s India on Tuesday said it will deliver pizzas in 20 minutes. Now you can get your favorite pizza delivered in less than half an hour.

Domino’s Pizza – India’s largest pizza chain, on Tuesday announced the launch of its 20-minute delivery service across 20 zones in 14 cities.

The brand had earlier pioneered 30-minute delivery and established itself as a market leader in the QSR sector.

What is driving the Domino’s India 20-minute delivery plan is the optimization of in-store process improvements, dynamic resource planning, technology upgradation and interventions for improved efficiency and expansion of stores in the surrounding area.

These steps help the brand optimize the overall time of the entire process, ensuring the delivery of hotter, fresher and tastier pizzas within 20 minutes without compromising the food quality and safety of its delivery riders, the company said.

Samir Khetarpal, CEO and MD, Jubilant Foodworks said this was made possible through a three-pronged approach using analytics, insights and technology to deliver high service levels to customers across multiple zip codes in India, with service and quality being the No. 1 priority.

Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner called India home to the pizza maker’s largest market outside the country, saying the nation has huge potential and a customer-centric market.

“Domino’s India’s growth trajectory has been phenomenal in the recent past, and we believe there is great potential ahead for us,” he said.

He asserted that India is a great example of successfully executing customer-centric strategies across all business verticals.

The pizza chain will double the number of outlets in India from 1,700 at present to around 3,000 in the medium term.

The world’s largest pizza chain has around 20,000 stores across 95 countries, with the US accounting for 6,700 followed by India.

“India is a critical market for us, the largest market by market outside the US. We will add around 250 stores every year,” Weiner told ToI in an interview.

Domino’s is advising stores globally to learn from India. “I suggest (all stores) do it like Domino’s India.

When you are the number one pizza company and the number one restaurant in India, you have scale,” he highlighted.

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