Domino’s Pizza, The promise of 30-minute Delivery

Dominos Pizza-The promise of 30-minute Delivery

Domino’s Pizza: Delivering Happiness

Serving good pizza, breadsticks, pasta and desserts, Dominos has been winning hearts of people since 1960s.

The first outlet of Dominos was opened in India in 1996 and the company has been growing ever since. Apart from the food, Dominos has been paying attention to the service provided and the ambiance of the place.

The all-time hit ‘delivery within 30 minutes’ made Dominos approachable to a large-scale population. The thin crust, cheese burst, and fresh chicken pizzas made the pizza culture famous amongst people.

-One of the most preferred pizza outlets spread in different cities, states, and countries across the world.

Talking about India specifically, Dominos has 101 outlets in 40 different cities, making India the largest network.

-The products offered by Dominos range from pizzas, garlic bread, pasta, choco lava cake, and chicken wings. The variety of flavors in pizza made people fall in love with Dominos.

-The pocket-friendly combos and mouthwatering cheese burst has helped the company grow rapidly.

How To Open Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India

-The ‘less than 30 minutes home delivery’ challenge has kept the employers and employees of Dominos on their toes and provide the best services available.

-The willingness to take risks with different flavours, and introduce new innovations to keep reminding the customers of the company and its unending offers and discounts.

-Other facilities like friendly customer services and good

Why should you try Domino’s Pizza?

There are days when you feel tired of everything and just want to run away. To overcome days like these, Dominos introduced a variety of pizzas, pasta with your favourite beverages.

The delivery of products within 30 minutes has made it easier of people with hectic schedules to cope up with the life.

The discounted rates have been successful in encouraging people from different strata to order pizzas, including college students, interns and even the regular working population.

“As well I know Pizza is a world-famous food product. and I am a pizza lover. I like domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s offers you a great experience and very high level of benefits. I have ordered last 4 months ago domino’s pizza and I am very happy there customer service. they deliver pizza time to time.” – Sandeep

“There are other pizza delivering websites or apps too but there is a clear difference in the taste of pizza at the dominos website.

You can find a clear difference in the taste itself.” -Priti Pandey

If you are planning to invite your friends for a get-together after a tired day at office, it would be better to get a home delivery from Dominos.

The veg cheese burst pizza and coke would shoo away all your tension. The growing love for pizza, pasta and garlic bread is clearly visible. So, order pizza and put all your worries away.

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For lightning fast ordering experience download the Domino’s app.