Entrepreneurial Journey of Dr. Disha Dinakar, Women Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Digvijaya Herbals, organic beauty brand

Dr. Disha Dinakar - co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals
Dr. Disha Dinakar - co-Founder of DIGVIJAYA Herbals

About Dr. Disha Dinakar, co-Founder of Digvijaya Herbal

Disha was born and raised in Oman. To pursue her career in medicine, she shifted to her native place that is Vittal, Mangalore.

Being an only child and a pampered one, it was really challenging for her to leave Oman and settle at her Native Place but at the same time she was very excited and decided to move ahead with it and come out of her comfort zone. But moving with the flow, it’s getting much harder for me than she imagined.

Disha started living in the hostel of her Medical College where she started her study. Throughout her schooling, she was immersed in cultural activities but due to her studies she put a full stop on it.

After a couple of years she got an opportunity to participate in Miss Mangalore in the year 2012 and for a change she participated in it and won Miss Mangalore in the year 2012 & became the First Miss Mangalore of the Pageant and yes after that there was no turning back.

Disha has done a lot of Print Ads around Karnataka & Kerala with a couple of TV commercials and acted in 3 South Indian movies as a Lead.

This was purely her passion and not my career option. Meanwhile she completed her Med grad & I’m presently a nationally approved doctor for seafarers.

Disha is also pursuing a fellowship in aesthetic medicine from the University of Greifswald.

Being a daughter of entrepreneurs, she always wanted to do something by herself.
So along with her practise, Digvijaya Herbals PVT LTD was founded in 2019 and extensively based on values that resonate with Dr.Disha Dinakar & her parents Mr.M.N Dinakar & Mrs.Vijaya Dinakar.

Digvijaya herbals believe everyone is deserving of respect and care and that is very evident in the way they formulate their organically sourced and meticulously put together a range of products. They specialize in skin, hair care, health& wellness products made from the purest ingredients & high-quality raw materials with some of them even being procured from their very own Digvijaya farm, their natural and organic products are a rage among the young and old alike!

As a brand they proudly claim their work is deeply rooted in Dr. Disha Dinakar’s certified credentials and knowledge of medicine, nutrition, herbs& human body/biology, one wonders how this doctor incorporates entrepreneurship so seamlessly given that she has a full-time practice.” It is taxing but passion is something that drives me forward”, she says. Thousands of reviews of happy customers across social media handles say it all!

And of course, her parents who have been nothing but constant pillars of support. They are massively involved in the venture which allows her to juggle between her roles.

Within a short span they have been shipping their beauty,health & wellness products to 45 countries apart from the domestic market.

Off late they have opened up our branches in Bangalore, Singapore& Sri Lanka.
Disha believe in living life to the fullest & do whatever you love because when your
passion & determination come together, you become unstoppable!

Disha had so many people around her who have tried pulling me down in her Entrepreneurial Journey but that hasn’t stopped her in pursuing her dreams & living her life.

We wish this young women entrepreneur and achiever and her growing business all the very best!

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