Interview: Dr. Ruchika Mishra, Founder Director of Way To Smile

Dr Ruchika Mishra-Founder Director-Way To Smile

Interview with Dr. Ruchika Mishra, Founder Director of Way To Smile

Dr Ruchika Mishra has been treating dental and maxillofacial patients for the past 12 years. One of the best dentists in Jaipur, say more than 5000 patients being treated successfully from her.

Her expertise lies In the field of prosthodontic, dental implantology and advanced dental procedures. She is well known for her exclusively practice of maxillofacial prosthesis throughout Rajasthan.

She is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, ICOI (USA). She has also pursued MSc. In Maxillofacial Prosthetics, King’s College London.

She is the Founder Director of Jaipur Implant Center (only ICOI affiliated center in North India). Currently serving as a Professor in Jaipur, she also serves as a consultant at various centres in Delhi, Ahemdabad, Udaipur and more.

Tell us a little more about yourself

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: The first thing that any child says when asked that what they want to be when they grow up is either a doctor or a teacher.

I believe it is my immense fortune that I am simply getting to live every child’s dream, in both aspects. As one of the only certified Maxillofacial Surgeons of Rajasthan, I get to fulfill my dream of becoming a competent doctor.

At the same time, as the proud visionary of the Jaipur Implant Center, which nurtures the brightest minds of the industry through some of the most sought after Fellowship and Mastership courses and being a part of the honorary education panel for the same, I get to fulfill my dreams  of being a teacher at the same time.

Academia has been an integral part of my growing years, with my mother being a part of the revered Rajasthan Nursing Council and my father being employed in the Public Relations Office of Seeds Corporation. 

Pursuing my Bachelors and consequent Masters in Prosthodontics from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences was a much pondered and carefully chosen affair.

However, becoming one of the youngest Implantologist to be accredited by the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) was something certainly beyond my expected course of growth.

Can you please share your journey and what inspired you to become a dentist and eventually establish Way to Smile?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: Truth be told, I never really wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. As a kid, if anybody asked me, what was my dream profession, I always used to say that it was to be in the IAS.

However, the only dream common between my current profession and childhood aspiration is that, in both cases, I wanted to do something that could help people in the long run.

It was not really till the later part of my school years, that I discovered my imminent interest in the health sciences, specifically oral health.

I realized that oral health is a fundamental requisite of each being, and yet one of the most looked over, or easily evaded branch of medical sciences.

Given the expensive nature of diagnosis and treatment, people tend to neglect the oral health, which is something I always wanted to change.

It was much later, during my tenure as the Associate Professor in Maxillofacial Prosthodontic & Oral Implantology at Rajasthan Dental College and Hospital, when I realized my dream of making it on my own and creating a name that would make oral health viable for the masses, while keeping at par with the trends and quality of treatment. Thus was the inception of our dental health clinic, Way To Smile. 

What sets Way To Smile apart from other dental clinics in terms of the services and patient care you provide?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: Each professional associated with Way To Smile has one thing common in them – each of them have their heart set on the vision of making oral health affordable for all, while being a pioneer of new age digital dentistry.

Thus, each of our decision is taken keeping in mind the same. Each doctor associated with our name is passionate about helping those in need.

The immense care and attention given by our doctors to each patient is something that I have always taken a great amount of pride in. Irrespective of the procedural or financial importance, our team individually follows up on each patient at regular intervals since the very beginning.

With their vast knowledge in their respective specializations, each member of our team holds interest in experimenting and finding newer ways of blending digital dentistry with the patient need or necessity, so as to keep innovating while performing to the best of their capabilities in this field.

Could you tell us about the different specialties offered at Way To Smile and how they contribute to comprehensive dental care?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: Comprehensive dental care is all about designing dental care services that range from preventive, to restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, while keeping in tandem with the medical and technological advancements of the time and need.

The gamut of services being offered at Way To Smile are emphatically based on these three pillars of new age dentistry, which add to our value as one of the most sought after dental clinic in the Pink City.

Our doctors are each specialized in a certain branch of medical dentistry, starting from smile designing, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry to prosthodontics, endodontic and general dentistry.

We are renowned for our laser assisted procedures, implants and most notably for Maxillofacial Prosthesis, Cancer patients mouth rehabilitation, dental aesthetic treatment and advanced or innovative dental procedures.

In your opinion, what are the key factors that contribute to maintaining good oral health, and how does Way To Smile educate and empower patients in this regard?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: Some of the key factors that contribute to maintaining good oral health are actually some of the most common and easier practices in our daily lives.

Simple routines such as brushing teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, washing mouth properly after meals and consulting with a trusted dentist at least twice a year can bring about tremendous changes in the oral health of an individual.

One of the most important ways that Way To Smile adapts to educate and empower our patients are to hold a perfunctory session for each patient post procedure to explain at length the course of daily care that they have to undertake themselves once they leave and follow up with them at regular intervals to ensure that the quality.

It means a lot to a patient when they realize that we are by their side, even when their session with us is over.

With advancements in dental technology and techniques, how does Way To Smile stay up-to-date to provide the best possible treatment options for patients?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: Through continuous research and arduous trials and experiments to be put simply. Each of our doctors at Way To Smile are an innovator in their own manner, who are continually reading up international researches, participating in leading conferences and watching out for the latest technological trends that can help ease the process for a patient.

Advancements in the dental industry in the last decade, without a doubt, has been colossal. Technologies like Digital Scanners, Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG), CBCT, are an integral part of our diagnosis and treatment auxiliaries.

Patient comfort is crucial in any dental setting. How does Way To Smile prioritize patient comfort and provide a positive dental experience?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: It is a common notion amongst the patients to be scared of medical procedures, especially when it comes to dental procedures.

As important as oral health is, majority of the people are more scared of the dentist and the dental clinic environment, the pain that might or might not come with the procedure, than anything else.

A major contributing factor to this fear is the unfamiliarity of the patient with the procedure. Further, since the patients are conscious during most of the procedures, they are unable to relax in such a high-tension ambience.

And lastly, since they cannot physically see or envisage the outcome of the procedure or the pain, thus the fear of the unknown.

In such a situation, our first and foremost initiative is to make sure that the patient knows that the doctor is approachable and relax the ambience while working on them.

For this, we use music, as per the preference of the patient themselves, so that it curates a semblance of familiarity for them.

Secondly, we make sure to explain the procedure and outcome as elaborately and minutely as possible to the guest during the diagnosis and suggestion period itself.

We encourage the patients the patients to ask as many questions as possible regarding their treatment. This entails that the time spent with each patient is tailored, impressive and individual.

We always encourage our patients to bring along a familiar person with them during the procedure, so as to ease their sense of fear in any case.

And last but certainly not the least, as our name suggests, we make sure that we smile bright to each of our patient.

A lot of our elderly patients have shared that their pain and procedural concerns are put at ease by the bright smile of my team, leading them to believe that they are cared for individually in every instance.

What advice would you give to individuals who are looking to maintain good oral health or seeking dental treatment, and why should they choose Way To Smile for their dental care needs?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: The most important and viable advice that I can give anybody to maintain a good oral health is to rise above their fear of the dentists  and visit the dental clinic at least twice a year for a complete oral checkup. Regular oral examination can go a long way in preventing and curing many oral ailments at inception itself.

And when it comes to choosing Way To Smile for their dental care, I think the only reason I can recommend that for the patients is due to the inexplicably talented and care oriented team of dental experts who are continually striving to blend the latest dental technologies with the preamble of efficient, comfortable and thorough diagnosis and oral treatments.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dr. Ruchika Mishra: To never be afraid of undertaking risks when it comes to embracing the new – technologies, procedures or care.

Passion for medical health goes a long way. But it has to be rightfully and dutifully merged with work ethics, honesty and modesty to yield positive results.   

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