Poliomyelitis can’t stop Satendra Singh to become a Doctor

Dr Satendra Singh

Success Story of Dr Satendra Singh: Physiologist

Any Physical disability can’t person if he/she has the instinct to do something in life. Dr Satendra Singh is one of them.

At the age of nine-year. He has gone through Poliomyelitis disease, which is similar to Polio. Mostly in this disease, an affected person feels muscle weakness resulting in flaccid paralysis. 

Dr Satendra Singh is a Physiologist who was a doctor at the University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Tegh Bahadur hospital Delhi. 

Dr Stendra has completed his studies at Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi Memorial Medical College Kanpur U.P. As things were not easy for Dr Satendra because of his disability.

But he didn’t lose hope and move forward to make his career and do something for disabled persons. As only he can understand how to disable persons suffer at every stage of life.

Despite his disability, he moves forward and works for the disabilities. He is the first Indian to win HENRY VISCARDI ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. This prestigious award is given to extraordinary leaders in global disability activist.

Especially to Dr Satendra for sustained efforts in making public places accessible for disabled persons. He has worked to pass a plan for that in every public place, there should be reserved seat for Disabled persons. By this work, he was awarded by the President of India.

One more award was in his hand Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics fellowship at the University of CHICAGO.

The Journey was not easy. He not only fought for him but also other disabled. He fought for UPSC discrimination, that they don’t allow disables for interviews, and to apply them in various health services. 

In 2014 he was rejected from the interview, but he fought for his right and later was selected. He understands that how much disabled were not considered eligible for the posts in many sectors.

Disables are mark as not eligible to do any task and get rejected from every post, it would be CHS post, teaching, non-teaching, public health etc. But he thought that he will fight against ill thinking of people and gave a place to the disabled. 

Dr Satendra Singh complains and requests the Health Minister to allow all eligible doctors with a disability to apply for this post.

He knows that it is not an easy task to fight alone for the disabled but he didn’t move backstep and fight single-handed for justice over four years and at last he forced Health Minister to unlock 1,674 specialist central post for disabled doctors. This was a big achievement for him and also a way for the disabled.

He also speaks In the International Platform and limelight about the issue that how the disabled were rejected with the eligible posts.

He also talks about the rights of the disabled in the medical curriculum. He complains about a pledge to the Judiciary against the Medical Council of India, to give the justice to disable.

He successfully led to the incorporation of the disability rights approach in the new medical curriculum in India. This was a big achievement for Dr Satendra.

 Filed a case Against a Cabinet Minister

He filed a case against Satyadev Pachauri in 2016 for publicly ridiculing a disabled employee. Satyadev Pachauri; who is a minister of Khadi and village industries, in the Government of Uttar Pradesh, has publicly disrespected and misbehave with the disabled.

Dr Satendra Singh has filed a complaint against the minister under the new Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. Which is strict punishment for contravention of provisions of the Act. This case finds Minister Satyadev Guilty and faces a six month to a five-year prison term.

Dr Satenndra Singh has done and fights against many laws for the disabled. He has also done many medical humanities movements in India. 

He has gone through many Awards and Honors from high personalities

National Award by President of India on Election Commission of India’s National Voters day 2021

State award by Delhi Election Commission on National Voters Day 2020 on contributing to make the general Election 2019 inclusive and accessible.

Bucksbaum Institute International Scholar, 2019 at the Buckbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence at the University of Chicago.

State award by Government Of Delhi for Exceptional achievement by a person with a disability in the field of social Work in 2016. 

And the list will go on and on… Dr Satrendra never saw back despite facing many stumbling blocks. He helps other disabled.

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