Exclusive Interview with Durga Prasad Tripathi: Unraveling the Vision Behind Cryptoxin

Durga Prasad Tripathi

Insights from the Founder of Cryptoxin: Durga Prasad Tripathi’s Journey to Success

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Durga Prasad Tripathi, the visionary founder behind Cryptoxin, world’s first social media platform based on WEB 3.0.

In this candid conversation, we delve deep into the mind of this exceptional entrepreneur to uncover the inspirations, challenges, and pivotal moments that shaped the creation and growth of Cryptoxin.

As we unravel the vision behind Cryptoxin, we gain valuable insights into the driving force that has propelled this innovative platform to the forefront of the social media industry.

Join us as we explore the story of Durga Prasad Tripathi and his relentless pursuit of revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with industry.

Can you explain the concept of CryptoxIN and how it differs from traditional social media platforms?

Durga Prasad Tripathi: The concept behind CryptoxIN is to create a source of income for every age group in a very safe manner and aims to give power to the hands of the user with a decentralized network.

It is different from the social media that we are currently using due to its groundbreaking use of WEB3.0 technology.

Unlike them, CryptoxIN completely operates on a decentralized network leveraging blockchain technology to ensure data security and transparency.

It can also be used to make video or audio calls and users can earn by creating a link for the meeting and joining as well.

One of the most interesting aspects of this platform is its approach to rewarding users for their participation. It pays users CIN coins (a cryptocurrency based on CryptoxIN’s blockchain) for their valuable contributions.

How does CryptoxIN ensure transparency and democracy in its operations, and how do users hold power over their content?

Durga Prasad Tripathi: It is decentralized which means it runs on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer.

It is free from the control or interference of singular authority, and not easy to hack which means your chats and personal information is completely secure on this platform.

The traditional social media platform is controlled by a single entity rather than distributed across the nodes of networks, which is a huge advantage in CryptoxIN as it makes it more resilient to censorship and data breaches.

And, its decentralization makes it impossible to change or tamper with information present on this platform unless you’re the owner of that particular content or data.

Can you explain how users can earn passive income on CryptoxIN? What factors determine the rewards they receive for their contributions?

Durga Prasad Tripathi: Earning has never been this fun!! You will earn for posting, clapping, and commenting on CryptoxIN.

This is how the reward distribution system works, 350 CIN coins are for posting and 75 CIN for clapping, 75 on follow, and another 75 for comments every 3 months halving will take place which will decrease the reward earning just in half.

On each post in CryptoxIN, you will earn 350 CIN coins and 75 CIN each for comments and clapping. When someone creates an account on CryptoxIN with your referral code, you and they both will get 1000 CIN each known as a direct reward, and 100 CIN as a registration bonus.

Each product in our ecosystem is interconnected and you cannot access their benefits without becoming a SID member (Sole Interest Deployer) so when you register on CryptoxIN your 100 FUFI coins are transferred to our other product FUFIEdge where they are automatically sent to a burnt address and your ID gets SID membership.

How does CryptoxIN address concerns related to privacy and data security, especially in the context of recent cyber attacks and data breaches?

Durga Prasad Tripathi: As you know traditional social media platforms store data on centralized servers but decentralized platforms distribute data across the nodes of networks.

This approach makes hackers to target a single point of failure and access large amounts of user data in one breach.

End-to-end encryption to secure user communications which means data or messages are encrypted only on the sender’s device and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

Users on these platforms have more control over their content and data stored on the blockchain is immutable which means it cannot be altered, tampered or manipulated.

They are promising solutions to the data security and privacy issue becoming common these days, though it is crucial to keep in mind that no system is entirely immune to cyber attacks.

As these platforms continue to evolve, constant ongoing efforts are made to improve security measures.

What are your future plans?

Durga Prasad Tripathi: Soon we will be introducing a marketplace feature on this platform and GameIN will be added in which VCR games will be launched to give users a fun experience.

Recently, we have launched LUDO-IN, this extraordinary concept of the game will bring back your childhood memories with the unleashed power of ’90s iconic characters.

This is the first time when LUDO has a character implementation and players have to use the power of the characters wisely to win the game. Players have to make strategies, plan their moves, and use their power carefully to ensure victory.

Users can earn real-life cash such as crypto assets or NFTs. This game based on CryptoxIN’s blockchain enables players to create a stable source of passive income while enjoying online games.

The motive of Play-To-Earn is to entertain and at the same time provide an opportunity to earn.

About CryptoxIN: Stepping into the World of Decentralization

CryptoxIN is the world’s first social media platform based on WEB 3.0 and works on a decentralized network that enables you to earn passive income while scrolling through your phone.

Every piece of information on the app is completely secure and transparent. It is based on blockchain technology and equipped with audio/video calls and HubIN broadcasting capabilities under one single platform.

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