Ecommerce Guru: A platform to access free ecommerce knowledge to start your 6 digit online business

eCommerce an Opportunity to Squander

Ecommerce Guru: A platform to access free ecommerce knowledge to start your 6 digit online business

Ecommerce Guru is a sister brand to Tech2Globe, a certified service provider of Amazon, eBay and Shopify and has been serving the ecommerce industry for a significant amount of time.

It has successfully trained thousands of students and guided a number of businesses to move in the right direction to meet their market objectives.

It is the go-to platform for reputable firms, startups, and business enthusiasts to learn how to start online business from home amid the fierce competitiveness of the modern ecommerce market.

Ecommerce Guru: One Stop Destination for Beginner-Experts to Enhance Skill in Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce Guru aims to change the future of ecommerce learning by making it available to all businesses, sellers, students, and professionals.

  • We not only provide paid courses but ecommerce knowledge through interactive free ecommerce courses and videos by our trainers. Our highly skilled and certified trainers give you theoretical knowledge and also add to your practical knowledge base.
  • We provide training to advance your understanding of paid and free ecommerce marketplaces so you can build your marketing plans from scratch. Today, we have successfully trained 7000+ students excelling in their respective fields and have achieved notable success.

“I attended the live webinar on amazon, and it was highly promising. I got to learn so much through webinars alone that the free training seemed like a great investment of time. I am glad that I enrolled for this. I have learned a lot!” – Mayank Jindal, Student

At Ecommerce Guru, we offer guidance to support online business for students, and hence we provide a wide array of free courses for our students to learn. We train students in Ecommerce, Sales, Business, Web Development, and Digital Marketing.

“I recently had a training session of product cataloguing with ecommerce guru.. It was a great experience for me..

That training is helping me alot while working on cataloguing on Amazon… Thanks ecommerce guru.” – Sudeep Chaudhary, Learner

How to Kick-Start Your Journey With Ecommerce Guru?

Ecommerce guru has been serving tremendously and has yielded results in these years. The areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Interactive Free Ecommerce Courses: We offer various training courses with expert assistance to help you learn about marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Meesho, etc.
  • Free Ecommerce Startup Consulting: Our trained ecommerce professionals provide you with free Ecommerce consulting for your online business, covering everything from marketing strategies to premium user experience.
  • Ecommerce Support Network: Ecommerce guru has a vast network of highly efficient service providers and experts that will be able to assist you.
  • Free Career Counselling for Students: We have expert e-commerce consultants with years of experience who can provide you with the proper career counselling and nudge you in the right direction to suit your personality.

How does Ecommerce Guru Prepare You For The World of Ecommerce Business?

When we talk about the scope of ecommerce, we say from experience that we prepare our students for anything and everything. We believe in establishing role models for the world, which is what we are known for.

  • Amazon training beholds our area of expertise, and we have trained a large chunk of students who are leading the game to this day.
  • Not just amazon, we will teach you how to be an influencer and master the business like a pro.
  • Our main area of expertise is business training and ecommerce store consulting, and we are committed to taking it to the next level.

In A Nutshell

We provide comprehensive business development training and growth strategies so that our trainees have the utmost skill set to face anything out in the fiercely competitive world.

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