Effective Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

Effective Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

By Hetvi Shah: As social media shapes our modern aesthetics, there remains a tiny bit of retro feels in emails. Some might feel, who even uses emails these days except for work purposes.

However, studies have shown at least 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers still use email regularly.

Now, like any other form of communication, emails can also be mobilized for spreading the word about your venture.

Yes, in other words; marketing. Ah, you must be wondering, does email marketing even exist in the age of social networks?

The answer is yes, it is alive and very effective. According to the research of Chief marketers, Email marketing has the highest ROI in comparison with all other digital marketing alternatives.

Also, another Litmus research reported, 2021 was the year of email for everyone, and 2022 will be no different.

Email marketing is becoming more valuable. Over the years it has proven to be a reliable means of communication.

What Is an Email Marketing Campaign?

A firm can send an email marketing campaign to one or more customers or prospects. A great email marketing campaign will motivate users to act, interact with your company, and generate more leads and sales.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that it is still frequently used. In reality, 90% of adults and 74% of teens still use email daily.

As a result, email marketing is an ideal tool for cultivating customer connections and generating leads and sales.

Choose your email campaign type

There are an ample number of email marketing campaigns that can be mobilized depending upon your grand mission vision and goal concerning your clients.

Here are some of the most useful email marketing campaigns that every marketer should be aware of:

1. Series of Welcome Email

When anyone subscribes to your mailing list or makes a purchase directly or indirectly from you, they are added to your mailing list. The first mail you send them is a welcome email.

It is supposed to be warm and cordial. These emails, which have a 50% open rate, are a terrific method to introduce new contacts to your business, goods, and services.

The most effective welcome emails are simple and to-the-point. Their primary goal is to get subscribers to take the “next step.”

If you offer tangible things, you might encourage new consumers to discuss their experience on your website via welcome emails.

2. Newsletters

Any venture may send out a newsletter regularly to subscribers on its mailing list. It may be used to convey useful and relevant information, including text, graphics, images, videos, and hyperlinks.

Newsletters allow you to send compelling material, encourage sales, and drive traffic to your website directly to your audience’s mailbox. One of the most common forms of email campaigns is the newsletter.

Newsletters are often sent regularly, it could be weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly. They are typically non-promotional, and they may be used to provide industry news and updates, blog roundups, and more with their subscribers.

As it is the most popular form of email marketing tool, here are a couple of additional points to be remembered while designing and curating a newsletter: 

●    Personalization

Though personalization can be a tricky thing. Every cart abandonment mailing is built around hyper-personalized automated marketing.

However, using stats provided by your ESP(email service provider), you can easily cater to customers’ needs and create a newsletter that is a direct result of the subscriber’s behavior, history, preferences, and interests.

It is a proven strategy to win-back customers and maintains a healthy relationship with the customers. 

In one of Instapage’s research, personalized messages have an ROI of 122%, in comparison with the National client email report that states targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue.

These small features, such as a straight link to checkout, things remaining in the basket, cross-selling, and a unique name, make a significant difference. They communicate directly to the consumer, provide value, and establish a personal connection.

●  More Customer Appreciation Emails

Subscribers will want empathy from your brand more than ever in 2022. COVID-19 has emphasized the need of putting consumers at the center of your strategy at all levels.

As a result, client appreciation emails are in more demand since they allow you to compliment prospects, offer assistance, and establish a much-needed emotional connection.

Birthday emails, according to Experian, are capable of earning 342 % more income than a standard advertising email.

It means that, even in the absence of a pandemic, customer appreciation emails are in great demand and play an important part in a company’s financial success.

Moreover, It’s not just about extending your love to loyal customers and engulfing everyone in your charm and good feelings when you send a customer appreciation email.

3. Basket abandonment campaigns

Basket/Cart abandonment campaigns are emails sent to customers who came to your business, added things to their cart, and then departed without making a purchase.

These emails are an excellent approach to entice cart abandoners to return and complete their transaction. According to research, abandoned cart emails may generate $5.81 in revenue per receiver.

Because cart abandoners have already expressed an interest in your shop and items, you may entice them back with reminders, a sense of urgency, and incentives such as discounts and free delivery.

4. Re-engagement emails

You can stimulate a reader’s interest again with retention and reactivation emails before they become inactive or unsubscribe.

Subscriber data, such as last purchase date, user activity, and segmentation, are used to trigger the best emails that re-engage customers.

These emails remind your subscribers why they joined up, pique their interest or present new methods to interact with your platform.

Inactive subscribers are targeted with re-engagement emails to encourage them to connect with your brand and emails again.

If a consumer hasn’t opened any of your promotional emails in a while, you may give them a special deal to entice them to make a purchase.

5. Other email campaign types

Depending on your specific company goals, you may send a variety of various email kinds to your subscribers.

Following are different types of strategies that can be used as standalone campaigns. They can also be mobilized in the most suitable permutation combination for your respective brand: 

  • Seasonal campaigns: These emails are delivered at predetermined intervals. For example, a clothing business may advertise its beachwear line in the summer, present jackets and coats in the winter, and discuss Mother’s Day gift suggestions.
  • Triggered email series: These emails are sent out in response to certain consumer behaviors. A welcome series, for example, may start as soon as a contact joins your list, while an abandoned cart series can start three hours after a consumer abandons their basket.

    Make sure your free invoice generator platform allows for customizations and auto email settings that put you at ease with post-purchase emails.
  • Post-purchase drip: These emails are delivered after a consumer purchases anything from your business to improve their experience and boost income. You may, for example, inform members about their shipping, ask for feedback, and offer a discount on their next purchase.
  • Connect-via-social campaigns: Campaigns that allow subscribers to interact with your brand on social media are known as connect-via-social campaigns. You may encourage subscribers to do so by giving them free credit or loyalty points for following you on social media.

However, merely delivering the proper kind of email marketing will not help you meet your objectives.

In addition, you must submit your email at the appropriate time, which leads us to the following stage.


Irrespective of the changes taking place in the digital landscape. Email marketing is here to stay. So, to not make the most out of it, would be potentially as bad as losing out on revenue.

Finally, to truly nail it, you must collect data to better future initiatives. This entails putting everything to the test, including style and layout, email marketing text, subject lines, and calls to action.

Follow email marketing and design trends in 2022 to make the most of these unpredictable times and raise money even in the worst-case circumstances.

You should also keep an eye on your service provider’s email statistics for openings, clicks, unsubscribes, and forwards.

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