Effective Ways To Make Your Website More Visible on Google

Google Visiblity

Must have a website for a business especially, when everything becomes digital. Showing a good position of your website in Google search results or other search engines may seem very hard.

Average Google search engine searches every day for more than 3.5 billion. So it is not a wandering issue nowadays.

For these reasons many companies are trying hard and taking steps to get involved in SEO, which helps businesses to make a good placement in Google search results for queries related to their business.  

To make a website a good position in google search results or more visible on Google is not an easy task or not possible to achieve overnight.

This article deeply spelled out some specific issues to get your website in a good place on Google search results.

Must-Have a Good Domain Name 

Domain name means that is the address which people are used to visiting your website. Domain should be your brand name or other names that represent your brand identity.

A relatively short URL structure is more preferable to a long URL because it helps people to easily understand and remember. 

Having a logical URL structure

Logical URL structure is an important part of your website. When your URL address is structured then it becomes helpful not only for visitors but also for Google robots.

On the other hand, a site map on your website includes a set of links to each page on your website. The site map shows your whole website’s page address and link to other pages.

Design Your Website Pages Depends on Specific Keywords

Google does not see a good website by its design or others. Google just found a website that is best suited to search queries.

You need to design every website page to focus on your target keywords. To find high volume, relevant, and generally less competitive, you need to conduct in-depth KW research for your website pages and meta tags. 

Register with Google Search Console: 

Google search console is the free service of Google and it is the best way to identify problems and fix them. On the other hand, the Google search console allows you to submit your website sitemap and URL to index. By using the Google search console, you can use the following benefits-

  • Finding who is linking to your website
  • Ensuring any crawl problem of your website
  • Discovering search queries and increase your conversion rate and SEO
  • Know different website version exists for your website
  • Finding which section you need to focus our attention

Google search console is the best-starting step to discover ways to make more visible of your website on search engine results. 

Business Website Must Set Up Google My Business

One of the best ways to increase your local search or geographic search you must set up your business website on Google my business. Registering on google my business is the very easy way. 

  • Set up Google My Business for website
  • Find a business on Google Maps
  • Identify and perfectly claim your business

After these things, google sends you a postcard with a pin to a specific location that operates your business. Your business will be verified by Google only when Google makes sure you are truly running your business in this specific location.

The most important part is that Google my business is a very big factor in your local SEO. To reach more people’s eyes in your local area, you must register for this service.

Make Mobile Friendly and Fast 

A mobile-friendly website means a website designed to display perfectly on smaller displays such as iPhone, Android phones, or other hand devices.

Before the website was designed for computers without considering mobile. But Now mobile-friendly is a very crucial element for a website.

A large part of your whole visitor comes to your website by mobile device. If you want to reach more people, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and must have a positive experience. Why is a mobile-friendly website important? Some issues are showing in the following-

  • Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites 
  • Users want mobile access
  • Improved search visibility
  • It helps to build credibility
  • More Shareable mobile-friendly content
  • Easy and Fast reach more visitor

Nowadays the percentage of internet usages by mobile is increasing day by day rather than desktops, so a mobile-friendly website means being able to reach a large part of your target market. One thing is to make sure your websites are mobile-friendly.

Make your site load faster

A few days ago site speed was not a noticeable factor for search engines but after the last update of Google, it became a very important part of a website.

Faster websites bear positive user experiences that increase conversion rates. You need to take immediate steps to speed up the website as soon as possible such as image optimization, unnecessary plugins, meta tags, etc.

Title Tags & Meta Description Must Unique

For writing a perfect page title and meta description, you just need to make them unique and confirm they are not too short or too long.

Search engines like Google display meta descriptions in search results against search queries. Must maintain keyword ratio to write title tags and meta description and unique. When it’s done perfectly it carries more traffic.

Create backlinks to your site

A backlink is one kind of recommendation to your website by other sites against relevant search queries. Generally, backlinks are votes from other websites.

These links play an important role in search engine algorithms, SEO, and overall strategy for making more visible websites. Dofollow links are very important for a website that one wants.

Remember one thing, spam links are also harmful to your websites. Sometimes building a backlink is time-consuming for you.

Final Word 

You will need to put your 100% attention on some key points to make sure your website is more visible.

First, optimize your website for making it easy for Google to crawl and index. Very important thing is that you must focus on Google so you can access your content without any problem.

Identifying your website is not only mobile friendly it also mobile-optimized by checking your website on mobile.

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