Emerging Global Virtual Event Trends in 2021

Virtual Event

2020 was a horrific year and a roller coaster ride for almost all sectors. One such sector that saw the worst hit was the events industry.

Moreover, the event industry saw massive changes in the way events started being conducted.

The industry did not take much time to adopt the virtual route for conducting events for corporates as well as personal events.

Apart from virtual, as the situation gets back to normal and hopefully it will happen by this year, the event industry may start adopting hybrid events as another route to host successful events.

To simply put across the meaning of Hybrid events, they are not entirely virtual or regular but have components of both.

After the implications of what the industry has been through, we can foresee a few trends that may set in the new age era of virtual and hybrid events once we start witnessing some positive change.

In this blog, we have created a list of the new virtual event trends that are likely to emerge in the year 2021

Let’s get started!

 Virtual Event Trends To Look Out For In 2021

●    More Focus On Safety

Ever since the pandemic has hit our lives, we, as humans, have witnessed an extremely high amount of loss. Be it loss in jobs and business, loss of life, deteriorated health, an effect on mental health, and whatnot.

Looking at how the virus has affected a majority of people healthwise, all the upcoming event hosts would be extra careful about the health of the audiences.

The presenters are likely to display health signage and encourage the audience to maintain social distance, wash their hands frequently, wear double masks at all times, and sneeze or cough into their elbows or in a tissue.

●    Entry With Face Identification

Even though still under a decision-making process, entry using facial identification may come up as a solution for a seamless registration process and a quick check-in process. This trend will significantly cut down on the waiting time of the attendees.

Using this technique will drastically reduce the chance of a security breach which is an important concern for most events especially when held on a large scale.

●    Social Wall For Increased Engagement

For those who are new to the concept, a social wall is a highly effective and efficient way to increase engagement and communication between the host and audiences.

Using a Taggbox display social wall in between the event can help a great deal in breaking the ice and making your audience feel comfortable.

To make your audience more excited, you can run a promotional campaign on social media and motivate them to participate by posting content on their social media handles.

It can be a fun campaign where you can motivate your audience to tweet about how they feel about the upcoming event or click a screenshot of their confirmed registration and post it using a specific hashtag.

The content can be collected using a social media aggregator and can be further published on a social wall and displayed during the event.

Through this, you can take out the opportunity to thank your audience to actively be a part of the event. 

●    Increased Usage Of Augmented & Virtual Reality

After making a place for itself in almost every industry, Augmented and Virtual reality is slowly making its way into the event industry as well.

Since event presenters mostly look for appropriate measures to increase their audience’s engagement and garner more attention, AR & VR can effectively do the needful.

Using the power of computer technology and brilliant graphics along with stunning visuals, Augmented and Virtual reality can remove any scope of boredom or monotony in the event leading to a satisfied and engaging event experience.

●    Pre Registration Using The Event App

Another upcoming trend that may become popular within events is registration using apps. Creating an app for the event well in advance can help you promote the event and the number of registrations can help you analyze the engagement level from the audience that can be expected during the event.

Apart from the registration, the app can contain other engaging presentations, activities, or teasers about the event to instill more interest and excitement in the attendees much before the event. This technique will help you increase the reach of the event too.

●    More Focus On Security

Researchers noticed a tremendous increase in the number of cybercrimes ever since the pandemic has struck us.

Since virtual events are the platform where attendees fill in their details and presenters create a database like their address, bank account details in the case of online payments, and other private details, this gives hackers a chance to misuse the data.

Keeping this in mind, we can foresee a shift in the focus on security during events.

Summing It Up

The pandemic has given space to a change in the way virtual events are being conducted. While new trends are setting in in almost every industry in the coming years, the aforementioned were a few emerging trends that are likely to be seen in the events industry in 2021.

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They will surely change the way virtual events will be conducted in the future along with making them more engaging and exciting!