Employee appreciation gift ideas for large & small companies in 2022

employee appreciation gift ideas

Gifting is an intimate gesture; the tradition dates back to ancient times. While it shows affection and appreciation, gifting is not limited to personal affairs.

It has become an important part of the corporate world as well. This is why both small and large companies are taking the extra mile to show their appreciation and affection toward their employees and clients.

This article gives you a clear insight into the world of corporate gifting, and employee appreciation gift ideas for small and large companies.

Why is it important to give gifts to your employees on various occasions?

If we see the bigger picture, a single reason cannot define why staff appreciation gifts are crucial for employers.

The importance of gifting in business is a great marketing strategy as well. It can help you endorse your brand and build a good impression among clients and employees alike.

Their overtime, hard work, and effort is the sole reason why a company runs smoothly and grows further.

Hence, gifting is the best way to acknowledge such a contribution. Here are some of the most common reasons why companies should consider gifting to their employees:

1. Improving Morale

Team morale is an essential part of the world. Good team morale means an efficient workforce. While a commendable email or a pat on the back can be a great way to appreciate your employees, there is nothing better than thoughtful, unique employee appreciation gifts that reciprocate the same.

Acknowledging their performance with a gift can be a great way to keep your employees motivated and encourage a much better workflow.

2. Appreciating loyalty

As your company grows, there is a significant gap between the employees and the management. Well, this can affect an organization without a solution.

Corporate gifting is a great way to bridge this gap and keep everyone in a close-knit space. Moreover, gifting is also recommended since many employees work from remote places and maybe even different time zones. Hence, maintaining a good relationship with them is also a must.

3. Encouraging efforts

Healthy workplaces are set for success. To keep up a good environment around the workplace, appreciation is a must.

Nowadays, corporate gifting is a great way to show your appreciation. It is much more personal and conveys your true emotions as an employer.

This gives a clear impression that they are valued and respected and provide motivation to work harder every time. 

4. Strong relationships

Maintaining a strong professional relationship with your employees is important. Gifting on occasions, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc. can be a great time to show your gratitude and appreciation for your employee’s contribution.

Dos and Don’t while picking corporate gifts for your employees!

Finding the perfect employee appreciation gift ideas can be difficult. A gift that is professional but still conveys your emotions is a tricky one to find. Here are some of the absolute dos and don’ts for you to follow while choosing gifts.

Think about everyone

While choosing gifts, make sure to include everyone. Take your time and find inexpensive motivational gifts for employees that show your appreciation and are meaningful to them. Besides, make sure to pick gifts for part-time employees, janitors, etc.

1. No work gifts

Never relate your gifts to work. Make sure to look for gifts that can be used outside the office. Employees mostly love gifts that are not related to their work.

2. Think about Collaboration

Do you have multiple bosses in your office? Well, you can skip the competition and work together. Always consider collaboration, which can also be a great way to increase your budget. With strong collaboration, you can select a gift as an office culture or a mode of appreciation better for you and your employees.

3. Choose food gifts carefully

Food is the door to the soul. Indeed! But, if you are picking food gifts for your employees, you should be aware of their habits as well. Make sure to offer personalized employee appreciation gifts. Learn about their health conditions or food limits and gift accordingly.

4. Be unique

Be creative! Never repeat the same gifts each year. This will give off a rude impression and an unbothered attitude.

Take some ideas and make sure to be unique with your gifting. Besides, make sure to give something meaningful to each of your employees rather than buying a single item for the entire team.

5. Be gender neutral

While choosing a gift for your employees, make sure to be gender-neutral. Do not assign specific colors for the sexes. Instead, let your gift be generic which is appealing to both the male and female staff in your company.

6. Walk the extra mile

Just as your employees are committed to working hard for you, you can do the bare minimum and deliver the gifts personally. This will show them that they are valued and cared for in their workspace.

7.  Do not hurt sentiments

While you may decide on choosing the perfect gift for your employees, make sure you do not hurt them in the process. Be inclusive of their likes, religious beliefs, etc. to avoid offending them.

Best employee appreciation gifts for small and large companies in 2022!

As a company, gifting is the best way to appreciate your employees’ efforts and your gratitude for your clients to pick your business.

But, corporate gifting is quite different from traditional ones. For a company, not every gift is professional.

The choice of an appropriate corporate gift is very essential. Here are some awesome employee appreciation gift ideas to present to your employees this year!

1. Gift cards

Nothing can compare to gift cards when it comes to gifting. Instead of picking random products, if you feel unaware of the things to buy for your employees, your gift cards can go a long way to show your appreciation.

Besides, gifting an experience is your holy grail and will surely be remembered for a long time. You can go for discount coupons, Amazon gift cards, or food cards.

This gives your employees the liberty to pick a gift for themselves in a way. Help your employees to spend a relaxing or fun time with their friends, family, or partner and feel appreciated at your office.

2. Blankets

Let your employees be comfortable outside or in the office. You can help your employees by gifting them heated blankets. Blankets can be a great option since they can be used both at home and in-office spaces.

3. Charging stations

Charging stations are a life-saver and a great gift option. They are convenient and keep your desk clean. This can be a very productive gift since your employees can efficiently charge multiple devices altogether and avoid clutter.

4. Umbrella

Think of their comfort. Some commute in cars, while some on foot. Gifting a windproof umbrella can go a long way in helping them out during the rainy season. Besides, you can choose to customize the umbrellas and incorporate the company logo, and avail of additional promotions as well.

5. Lunch Bag

Does it sound childish? Well, be assured, it is as professional as it gets. Why? Well, lunch bags with heat-storing capacity is a great idea for gifting your employees.

They can keep their food warm for a longer time and ensure a little extra time for their work instead of looking for an open spot in the office kitchen to heat their food.

6. Coffee Mugs

Simple, yet a subtle move. Yes, we are talking about the all-time corporate favorite coffee mugs. It might be a simple gift, but if customized can make a huge difference.

It is an everlasting token of your appreciation that will surely make a mark with every sip of hot coffee they take.

7. Desk Vaccum Cleaner

Keeping the workspace clean is so satisfying, yet a very hectic process. While your employees are busy handling various files and work around the office, they hardly find time to organize their deskspace. This is why a desk vacuum cleaner can be a great gift option to pick from. 

8.  A day off at the Spa

Here’s a secret! A day-off is the gift that any employee would secretly want! Well, you can be the Santa and grant them a wish but with a cherry on top! Present them with a day-off at the spa and let them enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating time.

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Conclusion: Still, wondering which one to go for? While the choice may look never-ending, the perfect gift can make all the difference.

Presenting a gift that reciprocates your emotions towards an employee’s hard work is crucial for growth.

With your appreciation, an individual is driven towards a better goal with the zeal to work harder. On the contrary, his dedication is helping your company to reach its pinnacle. This is why gifting is an integral part of running an office.

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