Empowering Educators: a Journey to IB Workshop Leader Certification

Neha Sharma

By Shalini Saksena: Neha Sharma at Apeejay School International secures IB Workshop Leader Certification, setting a benchmark in global educational leadership

Apeejay School International (ASI), in South Delhi, adds another feather to its cap as Neha Sharma, IB-DP Coordinator at the school achieves a milestone in her professional journey. After weeks of dedication and learning, Sharma has been conferred with the IB Workshop Leader Certification from the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The IB Workshop Leader Certification is a qualification for educators who wish to lead training workshops for other teachers within the International Baccalaureate framework. This certification is part of the professional development offerings provided by the IB organisation to ensure that educators are well-equipped to deliver IB programs in schools.

The certification process aims to ensure that workshop leaders can effectively disseminate IB methodologies and practices, fostering professional growth among IB educators and promoting consistency and quality in the delivery of IB education worldwide.

Talking about her programme and what prompted her to pursue it, Sharma said that the certification programme has been an enriching journey for her. “Having dedicated over 16 years to the IB curriculum, I’ve found immense fulfillment in being part of the IB Education Network (IBEN) for over a decade.

However, the introduction of new standards and practices by the IBO sparked my interest in furthering my learning and embracing these innovations. The 2023-2024 has been particularly remarkable, providing me with valuable opportunities to enhance my knowledge and adopt the IB mindset in alignment with the evolving educational landscape,” the educator, who received her Program Leader Certification in August 2023, said.

“Now with nearly 80 hours over two months of intrinsic training straight from the IBO, I‘m honoured to receive the Workshop Leader Certification for both IB -Middle Years and Diploma Program.

Having achieved this certification, I will be privileged to facilitate IB educators across the globe at varied platforms including online, hybrid as well as face-to-face,” Sharma said for whom the biggest learning has been grit mindset, perseverance, and resilience are the assets one has to own while experiencing new domains/profiles.

“Such engagements always have amazing learning experiences. Connecting with experienced educators worldwide, and sharing new teaching and learning practices were both fun as well as enriching.

In an IB world, such engagements make you an international-minded educator where you come across varied cultures, and their beliefs and consider their perspectives as you believe in yours,” Sharma opined.

Her certification, she said, will add value to the IB students at ASI. “I love to be with students and work for them always. ASI is very close to my heart as I’m running into my sixth year at school and have seen the school grow from pillar to post.

Having all this experience, I’m excited to mentor our facilitators which will surely help them mentor our young leaders in the right mindset and the IB ethos which we are here for,” Sharma shared.

She believes that if educators work for a defined purpose, provide an appropriate environment to the students, and develop a culture that makes them strive for excellence, learning will happen.

This will result in enriching students and helping them become principled, knowledgeable, and innovative leaders for the global stage, which is ASI’s mission statement as well,” Sharma said in conclusion.

Source: Apeejay.news 

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