Enhance your daily personal care regimen with these vegan & natural solutions

daily personal care regimen

The Au Naturel movement is on the rise and consumers too have over the past few years been making a shift towards natural, organic and vegan alternatives of personal or self care.

We all have our own daily hair care regimen and we also believe in the idea of going natural, but often some of us are not sure as to which options to choose from, for many may just pose to be ‘natural’.

Hence, we decided to put together some of the best hair care ranges available in India that are vegan, natural and ensure the best care for the crown on your heads.

Surya Brasil Color Fixation Range

Global vegan personal care brand Surya Brasil, which has proven the wonders of the traditional Henna to the world with its advanced formulation Henna Cream, has now launched in India a complete Color Fixation range.

Ideal for those who color their hairs to hide the greys and also those who tint their mane for different styles, the completely vegan range comprises Surya Brasil Color Fixation Shampoo, Surya Brasil Conditioner and Surya Brasil Mask, with a formula composed of organic ingredients blend and natural actives from Amazonian rainforests of Brazil and India.

The restorative shampoo comes with 99.28% Natural Formula, while that with regard to the restorative conditioner and hair mask are 98.23% and 98.54%, respectively, providing deep treatment for all chemically-treated and colored hairs.

It lets the color remain for longer period, by minimizing fading over the shower and ensuring softness, shine and vitality. Its many benefits also include cleansing of strands, sun rays protection and weather protection.

Mamaearth Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit

The anti-hair fall spa kit by Mamaearth is the next name in the list of natural hair care range that is essential for our hair care regimen.

The range consisting of a shampoo, hair oil and a conditioner provides the goodness of onion, which nourishes, replenishes and strengthens the hair by repairing the natural structure of the strands.

It further provides protection to the hair follicles, thanks to Plant Keratin and its 18 amino acids. Additionally, the natural hair care range is laced with the virtue of coconut and almond oil.

The range is void of parabens, mineral oils, silicones and sulfate. So, boost your hair, reduce hair fall and make your mane soft & smooth with Mamaearth Anti-hair fall spa kit.

Wow Skin Science Hair Care Kit

Consisting of Onion Black Seed Hair Oil, Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo and Red Onion Black Seed Oil Conditioner, this range can be another suitable option for your daily hair care regimen.

While it promises to rejuvenate weak hair and tired scalps, it also enhances circulation to the roots. Without silicones, parabens or sulfate, it helps tackle hair loss, revive limp strands, scalp buildup, as also in strengthening hair follicles and clear blocked routes.

The main ingredients include castor, jojoba, Almond and 100% pure cold pressed oil. The range is claimed to be made of a high standard formula.

Kama Ayurveda Hair Color Kit

This unique hair care range offered by Kama Ayurveda is again for those who like donning different hues as a crown.

The organic hair care kit comes with Organic Henna Powder and Organic Indigo Powder. However, it is not pre-mixed or ready but in powder form; and one needs to follow six steps, starting with soaking the Henna Powder with coffee or tea infused water for a day.

The day after, the paste needs to be applied on the strands for nearly an hour and then should be rinsed multiple times to clean thoroughly.

And then comes into play the Indigo powder that should be made into a paste using warm water and applied for nearly 45 minutes.

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