Entrepreneur Journey of Ruchita Lalwani and Neha Goel Founders of Label Ne’chi

Ruchita and Neha

Getting Dressed for Success!

A candid conversation with Ruchita and Neha is sure to draw out smiles as they unwind about their bootlegged entrepreneurship journey.

Being founders of Mumbai based designer label Ne’chi they vision it to be a one stop global destination for clothing of Women, Men and Children from all across the world.

Ruchita Lalwani the labels co-founder chuckles at her fellow founder Neha voicing “Ours is a killer combination and there is never a boring day at work!

We confess we both are driven women with vibrant and vivacious personalities. Our passion for our work drives us mad all day, and we have survived, thrived in the pandemic because of all of it.

For me the birth of Ne’chi was actually born out of a childhood desire to fit in. I was fashionable, loved clothes, but when growing up I couldn’t find my size and taste in color in any store.

Thus, I guess right in my pencil and paper years, I made up my mind that if I ever founded a brand “It would be for everyone, Everybody would find something for themselves at my store!’.

Ruchita went on to graduate and learn fashion and design from INiFD School of fashion and somewhere along the way bumped into Neha Goel a self confessed fashion enthusiast with a lovely creative bent at fashion.

Together, they worked on their mission to unleash their passion into designer label Ne’chi.

Ruchita further adds “Ne’chi is among the few Indian brands that have successfully democratized designer fashion for men, women and children.

Moreover, we established ourselves with well reputed retail multi-designer stores like Aza, Anantam, Pernia Pop up shop, and moreover taking part in events like design one, IMC. and many more”

Right through their journey, what is humbling to note is the sheer attitude of not giving up on their mission despite the challenges that buckled and often shut down other stores in the recent pandemic.

Neha the other co-founder smiles as she summarizes that “We began working in a small cabin, growing into a larger cabin, and finally having our own boutique at the upscale Juhu locale in Mumbai.

However, the pandemic forced us to trim down and we had to usher back to the small cabin where we started.

Inspire of that we have continued growing with the priceless learning through it all came back with a bang!.”

However, not losing their enthusiasm both saddled back and looked at other non-conventional areas of marketing their products chiefly influencers and later looking at getting styling opportunities from Bollywood actresses.

What the pandemic has taught them is importance to innovate and upgrade to be in the game and with that now they have sights to take part at Lakme Fashion Week, which would be a pinnacle achievement putting them on a global map.

Before signing off they both underline that youngsters today must not fossilize them just academic designs and fashion trends, there is lot more out there and it is that which will essentially contribute a lot in surviving and thriving in the dynamic environment we live in.

Keeping the balance of original and having the tenacity to sustain and spread is what will differentiate the next league of ace designers both conclude.  

As we head into the New Year 2022, it is heartening to hear and get inspired by the entrepreneur stories like Ruchita and Neha’s who by sheer grit and effort are making their dreams come true!

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