Entrepreneur Story of Shilpa Bhimsaria: founder, Prism jewelry brand

Shilpa Bhimsaria

Shilpa Bhimasaria’s entrepreneurial story is a must read for all Indian women entrepreneurs especially housewives. A mother of two lovely teenage kids, the family encouraged her to launch her bootlegged jewelry brand Prism on 15th April 2021.

When asked how who helped in founding her bootlegged label? Without blinking, Shilpa says it was her husband Vivek Bhimsaria; who believed in her creative bent of mind in jewelry which when unleashed would work wonders!

Shilpa is a staunch believer that one need not have institutional learning to learn a business or practice it. Doing good business is a skill and with Vivek’s backing all was set in place.

Jewelry making being Shilpa’s hobby was uncovered into a business identity by her jewelry brand PRISM; she chuckles it is my third baby and further underlines that her label aims to deliver “Affordable luxury jewelry to people that celebrates the light within them!”             

All products under her label PRISM are gemstones including the much loved Swarovski gems. When asked if she aspires PRISM to develop into a disruptive business model in the jewelry model, Shilpa affirms NO and humbly asserts that she wants to create her own brand space.

PRISM has attracted remarkable success for its gemstones among customers especially for Swarovski gems via online platforms and word of mouth.

Commenting on the bootlegged entrepreneurial journey till date Shilpa voices “Since my brand is just a baby, I take a personal interest with each and every customer I associate with and try to cement relations for the long run.

The hallmark of prim’s products is that they are delicate and the care taken to develop the design can be visibly seen, it is almost like crystals, adorning the wearer irrespective of the apparel donned.

 Ever since our launch we have got rave reviews with people often thinking of its fine jewelry especially the Swarovski gems.

Our luxury handcrafted jewelry designs are for all ages and gender; we aspire to recognize each one’s uniqueness and celebrate the light within them.’

Shilpa and her family have indeed proved together that age and gender are no obstacles in running her business.

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