Entrepreneur Vinay Maloo on starting Enso Group, “I exited telecom in 2005 to run a diversified portfolio of businesses”

Vinay Maloo

Vinay Maloo, the Founder and Chairman of Enso Group today, has imprinted his name among the top entrepreneurial leaders in the business world.

Today, many are consumed by the instant fame or recognition they gain. They are carried away by overnight successes, but what they fail to understand here is how success stories that are made from the ground up are those that go a long way.

A few understood this and thus gave it their all to raise the bar for other aspiring business talents across world industries.

Entrepreneur Vinay Maloo did the same as the Founder and Chairman of Enso Group. He has never missed an opportunity to build a business that he felt could help him add value to people’s lives through his products or services. That is how he has built a diverse enterprise today in the form of Enso Group, based in Mumbai, India.

Vinay Maloo was born to a Chartered Accountant father, and becoming one could have proved to be an easy decision for him.

But, he always wanted to pave his own path to success in his career and would show a great inclination toward the business realm.

This led him to start Himachal Futuristic Communication Limited, one of India’s first telecom companies, in 1988.

He grew the business to a market capitalization of $4 billion. After running that successfully for several years, in 2005, he decided to step a firmer foot in the world of business and thus forayed into many promising niches to start something as amazing as Enso Group.

“I exited telecom in 2005 to run a diversified portfolio of businesses, which gave birth to Enso Group,” he proudly states. Vinay Maloo goes on further, saying, “Exiting a successfully running telecom business was no easy task, but sometimes to make a giant leap of faith, you need to take a few steps back and then leap forward.

That’s what I did, and here I am today with Enso Group, which every year has been showing an upward growth trend.”

Enso Group by Vinay Maloo has grown as a diverse enterprise with several businesses under its wings, from real estate and healthcare, to mineral mining, infrastructure, solar energy, oil and gas, and even trading.

The conglomerate has reached exponential levels of growth over the years, and one cannot go without crediting Vinay Maloo for bringing it thus far into the business world.

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