Entrepreneurial Journey of Arpit Tibrewala – Co Founder of Lashyaa

Arpit Tibrewala – Co Founder of Lashyaa
Arpit Tibrewala – Co Founder of Lashyaa

“My Best Friends are Diamonds! “

Second generation Diamantaire Arpit Tibrewala, is one of the many family run diamond traders who are embracing change to further their traditional jewelry businesses.

Founded by his father Mr. Suresh Tibrewala. , 35 years ago their jewelry label Lashyaa was registered in the early 2000’s; however as a label it didn’t find fruition as jewelry business was still largely unorganized during that time.

In spite of being listed, it was the founder’s good will and name that came into play when doing business with customers.

Like everything jewelry too embraced the .com era, and Arpit and his team have worked to bridge Lashyaa to be a brand showcasing independent diamonds which are easily identifiable for their style, cut and carat.

In doing so one can easily say Arpit rechristened his family’s jewelry label into its independent own. His attribute to be calm, open minded and grounded is what is helping Lashyaa move ahead and carve a niche of its own to an audience whose taste is evolved.

Educated with an MBA from Rutgers USA with majors in finance and supply chain management, Arpit sharpened his cue by doing a Gemology course from GIA (New York).

Being brought up in an entrepreneur family, Arpit was naturally drawn to it and right inside the first week of finishing his education dived right in to explore the family’s jewelry business as a young man, and understood he fits there.

After understanding the ground operations for the first 5 years he set course to harmonize his father initiation and bring forth brand Lashyaa in line with other online jewelry retailers who had already got the pulse and gone live earlier.

A delayed however, did not cut the sail for their business, as since its premium diamond fine jewelry the purchases are after much deliberation, and since the brand had a legacy of trust and quality, the regular customers were only more excited that Lashyaa was online.

Arpit elaborates that the expertise of Lashyaa is in providing customized fine jewelry and the vision for the brand is to evolve into a one stop – shop for all aspirational needs of the client.

In conclusion Arpit says “Lashyaa is a fine diamond jewelry house that loves making jewelry as per the tastes, preferences and budget of the clients.

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His advice to young diamantaire’s and even other professionals is to take risks when you are young, and for those with a liking for the diamond jewelry trade – remember best way to get the entrepreneur pulse is being on the floor work station floor, and it’s a beautiful journey seeing raw uncut, rocks turn into diamonds’.