Entrepreneurial Journey of Jayant Chauhan & Prerna Negi – Founders of Sustainable Brand ‘Kavana’

Jayant Chauhan - Prerna Negi – Founders of Kavana

Chasing Dreams into Reality!

Young entrepreneurs Jayant & Prerna both students of NIFT Chennai are living their dream by founding their sustainable clothing label Kavana; one that walks the talk of being sustainable!

Chronicling their journey Jayant voices “Kavana started as a passion project right when we were studying at NIFT Chennai.

Our projects involved working closely with the weaver communities of Bhagalpur, Bhujodi, Bhopal and Habibpur (Bengal) and witnessing the ground reality wherein we felt that a lot must be bridged and bettered especially for the artisanal communities. Sustainability in process with the artisanal community interest as a focus was a key measure to be achieved.

While working in these settings, we felt obliged to contribute in whatever way we can to bring about sustainability especially at the artisanal level giving more opportunities to them to display their work.

Hence, we started with what we believed in and our label was officially launched on 15th March 2020 “ 

Prerna too voices “I was appalled at the unethical and unsustainable condition of the fashion industry and hence founded Kavana along with Jayant to work for a change, and I loved to work with the artisans and wanted to provide work for their livelihood.

It is in these settings we found the mission of the brand i.e. “To provide lively hood to as many artisans in India and work towards a sustainable future keeping the enviournment in need. “  

Both Jayant & Prerna are proud of India’s textile craft and culture and have the urge to promote it in a value driven manner, which reflects in their brand.

Their vision for the brand is that it must promote for the work-welfare of artisanal communities nationwide by frequently giving them work in a transparent and fair trade ecosystem.

They champion for complete sustainability as process in practice right from garment production to last mile delivery to the customer.

Though their journey has just begun they are grounded and their broad based approach has found many admirers.

With their category collection of Sarees which was launched last year, the founders are aiming to find inflection in growth with looking at spreading themselves into other sustainable categories this year. 

This artisanal first approach is urgently needed in today’s times and its heartening to see young entrepreneurs leading the way. Availability: https://kavana.in/


When the fashion industry is moving at a fast pace, Kavana thrives on sustainable living which takes into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.

Kavana believes in a prosperous world with an integrated objective that evolves and emerges together.

The purpose that serves a sustainable lifestyle with the goal of intentionally bringing a purpose to life.

At Kavana, we uphold the diverse artisanal culture of India and the prosperity of the environment.

To embrace and keep this expressions of humanity alive, we consciously design each to last and carry forward the legacy of handcrafted apparel created with love and chastity.

In the realms of textile, we are her to weave the eloquent change between the livelihood of artisanal communities and the textile sector.

We believe in preserving the indigenous art and crafts like Ajrakh printing, Jamdani, Kantha embroidery and more of such crafts that reflects the rich heritage of India.

At Kavana, every step taken is towards the uprising of the weavers, craftsmen and natural dyers of Bhagalpur, Bhujodi, Kolkata, Bhopal and many more artisanal communities across the country who are weaving happiness with the threads warped to each other.

To make an effective change in our surroundings, we approach a path of ethical and responsible sourcing for our products that defines our values.

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In our sustainable and ethical approach, we cater and foresee all the facets of our apparels lifecycle the fabrics and the methods of creation used and the care of artisans. We combined the traditional skills with the environmental well being to leave a positive impact on the earth.