Entrepreneurship Journey of Varnika Sangoi

Varnika Sangoi

A Designer’s Noah Ark!

A brunch meeting with designer Varnika Sangoi leaves you smiling with the belief that good entrepreneurs are the ones who grow walking hand in hand with the entire team, never mind if it’s a stride slower together! Isn’t that a cue inspired from Noah Ark J

Sipping her cup of coffee and chronicling her entrepreneurship journey Varnika voices”Right from the beginning I kept a firm belief that irrespective of size, we would build our firm on staunch principles of ethics and consciousness for all our stakeholders.

Me and my core team have ever since followed that first in our own internal framework; I guess this is why we grew and did not buckle in the normal rigors and hiccups during the initial years. We take pride that we are a close knit skilled team of professionals.

My team over the years gelled well and knit together to be like my second family and this extends to my clients in India and abroad who stood by us even during testing times. 

Our aim for the label is that through consciousness, pragmatism and sheer confidence in our work, we as a team would draw opportunities thereby making more women beautiful in our luxurious ensembles.”

Mentioning her gem academia, Varnika has studied apparel and manufacturing design from SNDT PVP JUHU MUMBAI also specializing In Textile color and design technology From SASMIRA INSTITUTE Mumbai. She chuckles she is also a certified image consultant from ICBI.

Further explaining on how her pilot label got launched Varnika narrates “We launched our bootlegged label Varnika Sangoi in 2015 with a small set up of 2 tailors and a master way back in 2015.

Our initial customers were just my family, friends and people in neighborhood buildings. Their response motivated us to grow further; during our initial days we focused on customized fashion, designing for clients as per their needs, maintaining highest standards of quality, detail and refinement.

I can say with a pound of gratitude that it is by their word of mouth that our skill of customized work in designer wear began to spread.

Currently we are a team of ten working from a spacious workshop in the very heart of Mumbai producing prêt wear outfits. We are proud to say that we have a clientele list of a 1000 customers.

The mission of Varnika Sangoi she asserts is “Developing luxury designs and styles which make everyone feel confident and stylish while being affordable and easily available.”

Commenting on some of the major highlights of the brand Varnika says “We are fortunate that over the year’s some of the country’s top influencers and actors have donned our ensembles and we are humbled they have referred us to many more. Some of the notable one’s include Masoom Minawala, Amrita Thakur, Bhumi Pednekar, Shivani Bafna & Shyam Shah and many more. Moreover, our label Varnika Sangoi has been the winner of the National Designer Excellence 2020 Award.”      

The Pandemic changed the way firms irrespective of scale did business and more vitally transformed the way people communicated and grew.

Being online was the need of the hour and we adapted to it, not just surviving but we fostered changes that accounted for our overall growth.

Looking at how we responded during the pandemic and knowing our potential is why we have plans to make our brand available globally in a timeline of five years.

Concluding our meeting, when asked on what she would advise for today’s youngsters Varnika says “Be Bold and be Confident!

Today’s arena is ripe for new saplings who don’t mind pulling up their sleeves to work hard and realize their dreams.

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