Enzo Ferrari – The Man Behind The Success of Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari - The Man Behind The Success Of Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari Success Story- The Man Behind The Success of Ferrari

Do you want to know about Enzo Ferrari? If yes, you must consider some crucial facts to help you meet your goals effectively. First, Enzo Ferrari is not just a name but a brand that has created history in the automobile industry.  

His achievements are not limited to any boundaries. Rather, it is a big feat to a revolution in the automobile industry. In automobile racing, Ferrari cars have made history several times.

Enzo Ferrari took birth on  18th of February 1898 on Modena in Italy. He was born to a rich family of Alfredo Ferrari, a well-known manufacturer. He was brought up in Modena without getting any type of formal training or education. 

Childhood & Early Life

There are some essential facts about Enzo Ferrari without which his life story is incomplete. So let’s find out some details about his early life and childhood. In this article, you will get complete information about it.

  • He had a passion for cars and racing car driving at an early age in his life at the age of 10; he wanted to be a racing car driver in 1908 when his father took him to the Circuit Di Bologna. After this competition, he attended lots of races apart from it then.    
  • In the Lathe Operator School, Lamborgini worked as a teacher. On the Modena fire brigade Workshop.
  • During World War 1 in 1916, his father and brother died of the Italian Flu.
  • At the same time, he joined the war and got caught in the flu pandemic in 1918. Around the same time, he joined the forces of the third Alpine Regiment and was discharged from his post due to health deterioration.


There are some of the major contributions of Enzo Ferrari which you cannot forget at your end if you like this person very much. However, you must not choose the wrong direction when you want to reach your goals.  

  • In 1918, after getting a letter of reference from the military authorities, Ferrari had sent his job application to Fiat at 1918. Then, there were no vacancies, but he got the job as a qualified test driver. Then, in Turin, he got a job as a test driver. The light trucks were converted into chassis there. He had started merging with Italo- an Argentinian body shop in Milan.
  • In 1919, he commenced working as one of the test driver at Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali  which is in Milan. Quickly later on, he was promoted to the post of racing driver.
  • In the Parma Poggio Di Barcelo, he had driven his first race. Later on, he stood in the 4th position in the race. Unfortunately, he cannot achieve great success, too, due to his fuel tank.
  • It is a great win for him of his long 20 years of experience in Alpha Romeo; he worked for a longer duration. As a sales staff who has headed the Alfa Coarse team as a sales staff.
  • In 1951, Ferrari’s firm won its first grand Prix with the help of Frolian Gonzalez at the Silverstone. You must take a note of these facts on your end when you want to know more about this man. You must avoid making your choices in the wrong direction.
  • It was the time when the company had started selling the best sports car of their choice. Therefore, you must take a note of  these facts on your end while achieving your goals.
  • In 1982, the Ferrari made sturdy cars with world-class drivers. After that, however, Ferrari gets involved in Scuderia until his death. After that,  there were no championships for Ferrari anymore. 
  • Ferrari Owner is one of the best car owners in the world to dominate with its innovation.

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Major Works

There are some major works of  Enzo Ferrari that you must know at your end while you want to get complete information about this man.  

  • In 1929, in Bologna, Ferrari proposed the idea of Scuderia Ferrari at a dinner party. The main mission of this party is to give Ferrari a chance to race. The First three shareholders are Canito Brothers from Ferrara, Count Trossi, and Mario Tadini. After that, Ferrari replaced Alpha Romeo in quick succession.
  • On the year of 1945, He had designed the first Ferrari Car. After that, there was no lookback. He had built such an extraordinary engine later on, which had become the hallmark of their brand.
  • The Enzo Ferrari net worth currently is US$4.6billion. You must take a note of these  facts at your end while selecting or making your choices.

Achievements & Awards

Some of the great achievements at Ferrari are quite huge, and it has created some impeccable contributions to his journey.  

  • In the year, 1924, Ferrari was recognized by the state as Cavaliere, which designates a valuable contribution to the sports field. You must consider facts that can help you to make things work for you in the right direction.
  • Commendatore was the title that was awarded to him in 1927, one of the most valuable titles in the sports arena.
  • In 1952, he made some valuable contributions to the car industry. It is one of the best in the lot to have a better idea of it.

Personal Life & Legacy  

Ferrari had two sons and two wives, Laura Dominica Garello Ferrari and Lina Lardi is the two wives. The two sons of Ferrari stand Alfredo Dino Ferrari and the second son Piero. 

You must take a note of these facts when you want to judge a person Inside out. You must maintain a 360-degree approach while developing your brand.

Final Take Away

Hence, you must consider some crucial facts to help you meet your goals effectively. The success of Ferrari cannot be measured in numbers.

Rather, you need to measure the success of Ferrari in terms of his revolution of the automobile industry and thought process, which changed the world completely.

You can share your opinions, views, and thought processes in the comment box to meet your goals. However, you must not make your choices in grey, while you must not make things work in the wrong direction.

His life story inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses to the next level. However, you must not make your selection in the wrong way to meet your objectives.

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