Essential Tips to Keep Your Reader Engaged

Tips to Keep Your Reader Engaged


With the digital revolution of marketing, online content has become an intrinsic part of business strategies.

With this rise in the relevance of online content writing, the bar of the quality of the content has been on the rise as well.

Understanding how to write better content that keeps your readers engaged is the key element in making a successful digital business strategy now.

We have curated a list of tips that can help you create better digital content that will keep your readers engaged.

Keeping the following in mind while writing your digital content is surely going to help elevate your writing and make it more effective.

Stay Concise

Staying concise with your content is the primary step in keeping your readers engaged. Digital content unlike print media is not meant for slow and pensive reading.

Thus, whenever you are writing any content make sure to keep your writing to the point. Avoid any philosophical overtones and unnecessary metaphors.

If you avoid any needless information and stick to the topic you are writing about, there is a higher chance that the audience will like your content more.

Write for your audience

Another important factor to consider while writing digital content is to always write for your audience.

This essentially means that while writing you have to understand the intrinsic likes and dislikes of your target audience and write only for them. This way your content will be more relatable and inevitably more engaging. 

Reading other digital content of the same topic which is relatively popular, helps in forming an image of what the audience is reacting most towards.

Once you analyze the content and what makes it so appealing, you can inculcate the same elements into your writing thus making it more oriented towards the desired readership. 

Formatting is Key

When it comes to digital content, formatting is indeed the key to keeping your readers attention. If you don’t format your article well there is a high chance that the reader will lose interest in your content.

While formatting your content there are many things you need to keep in mind. These include:

  • Using appropriate headings and subheadings.
  • Bold phrases or words where necessary.
  • Structure your article coherently.
  • Remove unnecessary information.

Writing is Rewriting

It’s often said that ‘writing is rewriting. While it may sound odd, the phrase holds very true, especially in digital content. In digital content, there is no scope for any errors.

Since digital information is broadcasted to a very large audience it is always better to ensure that your content is flawless when it comes to any errors.

Thus, it is always important to keep editing your work before publishing it. Never stop after the first draft.

Re-reading the draft will always bring out a scope to make it better and more efficient. Always make sure that the content getting published is re-written extensively to avoid any mistakes whatsoever.


Another important element in creating better content is doing adequate research beforehand. One of the most essential drawbacks that inexperienced writers have is that they don’t spend the necessary time doing their research about the topic. Any writer needs to understand the topic thoroughly before even beginning to write. 

In digital content writing, however, the research shouldn’t be limited to just the topic. There should be an in-depth search into the important keywords.

The keyword research will not only help the content reach a bigger audience but also help the writer keep the article focusing on the topic.

Along with keyword research, a writer should also preplan the structure of the content. Not only that makes the writing process easier but also helps in writing more coherently and efficiently.

Use sources

Another element that inexperienced writers miss out on is using sources. Often digital content is riddled with unsubstantiated facts which not only comes across as lazy writing but also makes the reader lose interest in the content.

Adding statistics, additional data, quotes, and similar stuff not only makes the content more attractive but also helps in retaining the readers’ attention. 

Interlink and Anchor Texts

A way to generate and keep the reader engaged with the website and your content is to add interlinks and anchor texts.

These interlinks are a gateway link to similar content on the same website. Interlinking involves an element called, anchor texts.

Anchor texts are simply the hyperlinks on the content that interlink two articles. Interlinking through anchor texts have several benefits including:

  • Keeps the reader engaged on the same website.
  • Helps increase the number of page visits per user.
  • Helps in increasing the visibility of your content over major search engines.

Use infographics and photos

The usage of infographics and photographs always helps make your content better and keep the reader engaged.

According to a report by, visuals increase people’s desire to read the content by 80%. Thus, including infographics and images in your content is essential.

Use Lists

In a writing piece, lists are often avoided. Since presumably lists distract the reader from the actual content.

However, in a report published by Wyzowl on online reading habits, it was reported that users will read at most 28% of the words during a visit.

The average page visit lasts less than a minute and users often leave web pages in just 10-20 seconds.

Considering the above statistic, the inclusion of lists within your posts will only help increase the readers’ engagement with your content.

You can make lists that highlight the essential parts of the content which can substantially increase the time a reader spends on your website or blog. 

To sum up, in a digital age where marketing through online platforms is essential for all businesses, the relevance and the popularity of online content has grown tremendously.

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However, with this popularity, the need for more engaging content has also risen. While to help you create better content there are many Content Writing Agencies, however, with a better understanding of the audience and the inclusion of several other elements which are mentioned above, you can make your content more engaging for your readers.