EVE Battery Expands Global Footprint with New Factory in Malaysia

EVE Battery

EVE Battery is a brand dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the most creative lithium batteries, continuously tackling core technical issues. EVE Battery has offered efficient energy solutions worldwide. Moreover, EVE Battery are still expanding our global footprint.

EVE Battery has now set foot in Malaysia, intending to increase production and create more job opportunities. On May 12th, 2023, EVE Energy Co., Ltd officially signed a memorandum of understanding on purchasing land for Malaysian factories.

They seek to promote digital upgrades, improve energy efficiency, and achieve coordinated development between industrial production and environmental protection.

EVE’s Global Expansion and Construction of International Cylindrical Battery Industrial Park

The expansion of EVE Battery’s global footprint came with a new factory in Malaysia. It is EVE’s 53rd factory, which is aiming to construct an “International Cylindrical Battery Industrial Park” in Kulim District, Kedah.

After the completion of the industrial park, the main production will be cylindrical batteries, further expanding our demand for cylindrical battery production capacity and scale.

This project of EVE Battery comes with an investment not exceeding $422.3 million. This means that EVE Battery will further promote the progress of overseas business, accelerate the expansion of overseas business layouts, and assist in the development of Malaysia.

This project mainly produces 21700 cylindrical batteries for electric tools and two-wheeled vehicles. EVE Battery will rely on domestic manufacturing advantages and operational experience, strengthening technological innovation and producing cylindrical batteries with more industry advantages and cost-effectiveness to meet customer product needs. 

At the same time, this project will enhance their competitiveness and global market share in the electric tool and two-wheeled vehicle market, accelerating the development of their overseas business.  

EVE Lithium Energy’s Advantages and Significance

EVE has many advantages in terms of lithium batteries.

1. Existing Production Capacity and Technical Reserves

EVE Energy has a great production capacity and technical reserves for batteries. The company has operated for over 23 years, with a footprint in every part of the world. EVE has more than 28000 employees worldwide, including over 5400 research and development personnel, and has established sales and after-sales services globally.

For cylindrical cells, according to statistics, its shipments rank in the global top 4 and top 1 in China, serving the global top 10 power tools brands and garden tools, E2W, vacuum cleaners, and portable energy storage brands. EVE’s cylindrical battery integrates ultra-high magnification technology and high specific energy technology, greatly improving product quality.

2. Expansion of Production and Supply Capacity to Meet Customer Needs

For the “International Cylindrical Battery Industrial Park” project, EVE aims to expand production and supply capacity to meet customer needs. An EVE cylindrical cell is an emblem of industry standards set to offer consumers the best performance. It seeks to help two-wheelers and power tools get more cost-effective 21700 batteries and to further strengthen its leading position in the world of cylindrical batteries.  

3. International Leading Position and Cost-effectiveness Advantages

EVE Energy has great manufacturing advantages and regional operating experiences. The cylindrical batteries of EVE are the preferred choice in global power tools. The project “International Cylindrical Battery Industry Park” will further expand such batteries’ production and supply capacity and provide more cost-effective batteries for electric two-wheeled vehicles and tools.

More Batteries from EVE Energy

The comprehensive competitiveness and footprint of electric two-wheeled vehicles and tools have accelerated the expansion of cylindrical cells. This is one area where EVE Energy has deepened its roots. But it’s not the only one.

EVE also has mature prismatic cells. Its best-selling products include:

  1. 21700 40P

The EVE 21700 40P lithium battery is a rechargeable power energy EV cell designed to deliver the best performance. It has a nominal voltage of 4000mAh and promises 300 lifecycles. It is an EVE lithium battery with a high safety level, wide temperature range, and consistently high quality.

  • 18650 26V

Here is another product from EVE Energy that will not disappoint you. This cylindrical cell has a nominal capacity of 2550mAh and a voltage of 3.6V, with a whopping 1000 life cycles. It supports fast charging and offers a long cycle life at room temperature.

We at EVE Battery create innovations in the lithium batteries field. Our more than 23 years of experience makes it a reliable manufacturer.


It is no accident that EVE Battery has set its foot in Malaysia. Considering their expansive products, it was only a matter of time. This move will further promote their advancement overseas and seal its global presets. Consumers now have a chance to access the highest quality, efficient lithium batteries at the most affordable prices. So, contact EVE for more information on batteries.

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